Chart Toppers: Lost Odyssey Found by Gamers

Gamedaily.Biz writes: As an original IP and Japanese RPG on Microsoft's Xbox 360, Lost Odyssey from Hironobu Sakaguchi put up solid numbers in February. We chat with Microsoft about this epic odyssey.

Final Fantasy is one of the most revered franchises in Japan, but the series creator hasn't been directly involved with the series for years. Hironobu Sakaguchi, truly a legend in RPG gaming circles, founded Mistwalker in 2004. Since that time, he's devoted himself to what may be his greatest challenge yet: make Japanese RPGs appealing on a Western oriented console, the Xbox 360.

The first two announced projects for Mistwalker, Blue Dragon and Lost Odyssey, faced the uphill climb of being Japanese RPGs (and new IPs) on the Xbox 360. Blue Dragon was a moderate hit in Japan, and is still the best selling Xbox 360 title in that country, although the success was not matched overseas. Lost Odyssey, by contrast, has proven much more popular in the U.S. than it did in Japan. We talked with Hees Kyung, Global Product Manager on Lost Odyssey, and discussed the virtues of getting lost in this adventure."

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4241d ago Replies(1)
Montrealien4241d ago

This game is good, nice to see it is being well received.

green4241d ago

i have just finished catching up with some of the great games of 07,so will kick of my 08 gaming with the purchase og Lost Odyssey on monday.

Never been into JRPG's so hopefully this will be the game that makes me a believer in the genra.

RealityCheck4241d ago

I play a lot of JRPG and while Lost Odyssey is good, I would not recommend it for people that are new to that type of game, like you mention.

Modern JRPG are doing away with the painfully slow turn based and most recent top JRPG have been using hybrid and faster systems. Picking up Lost Odyssey as a first foray into JRPG is only going to let you know if you would have like JRPGs from 3 years ago (gameplay speaking, except for the graphics).

4241d ago Replies(1)