Ubisoft comments on Watch Dogs Gameplay Demos Being Scripted Allegations

Watch Dogs had a strong showing at E3 2012 and also at recently concluded E3 2013. So far whatever things we've seen and heard about Watch Dogs is incredible but still there is a section of gamers who doubt things being scripted.

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Double_Oh_Snap1928d ago

Maybe... I hope so, but going back to E3 2012. I can only respond like this.

Yeah sure, that line of cars at 6:40 is obviously dynamic magic... -_-

xtremexx1928d ago

yea, that sudden line of cars is a bit suspicious to me, but hey PROBABILITY.

Riderz13371928d ago

Yeah it does look scripted. Isn't the light green? The cars are just staying there lol.

poopsack1928d ago

They seem to just spawn from whichever direction of the road isnt being looked at, at that time. Nice cheap trick, I wonder if thats how itll work all the time or if it was just for the demo.

badz1491928d ago

sure you can hack everything the city has to offer but doing exactly what you want in any circumstances? I don't think so.

in every mission, I believe they will put you in situations where you will be able to hack just a couple of things THEY wanted you to, not just anything you want! think about it. if the missions are done during the night, won't blacking out the area and roam around using night vision goggle be the best solution for A LOT of things? trying to sneak through rooms with guards? blackout! chased by cops? blackout and blend in! wanna quickly grab something and get away? blackout! see? but THAT would be boring and repetitive, right?

so...they will create situations as if they are giving you options/freedoms as how to approach the mission by making you aware of these things they 'wanted' you to hack and use. the game will be a semi-linear game disguised as a sandbox game. not scripted, sure but not entirely freedom either!

assdan1928d ago

Yeah that makes sense. They will technically give you the freedom to do anything, but they'll probably force your hand without you knowing about it.

rocky0475861928d ago

You just described 99% of games that are made. No game gives you the freedom you want, unless it's a hack of course. Any game you play you are doing exactly what is set for you to be able to do, there are very few games that are designed so that the playtesters or the designers themselves haven't thought of it themselves, very few.

Blacklash931927d ago (Edited 1927d ago )

There's always a best strategy for any encounter in any game. It's something these demos are rehearsed in to show the features they want to illustrate to the audience. That doesn't invalidate that you have choice and can opt to approach things in a variety of ways.

You're not forced to blackout the city, we don't know when he gains that ability in the game, and for all we know their will be other effective means of escape. The demoer didn't have to approach that enemy base from that angle and he could have stealth killed the guards instead of alerting them. He could have turned right instead of left on that one road. And so on.

We haven't seen nearly enough of the game to make the judgement you're making. We don't know the full extent of your hacking options, no good impressions of the complete layout of maps, what new abilities you may gain, ect. We barely even know anything about the story.


The thing is complete freedom may sound like great gameplay, but will ultimately make telling a story borderline impossible (or very shallow), then people will complain about that...

I'm ok with it, not that story alone is more important than gameplay, for that we could watch movies and read books, but I personally like my games to have more than just some ongoing generic plot made to move us through objectives... Still, nothing beats that anxious need to see what happens next.

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Prcko1928d ago

gonna believe it when i see it...

Heisenburger1928d ago

They showed it, but people aren't believing.


Fireseed1928d ago

I'm a bit weary of it too, but even if the basic combat is pulled off I think it's still gonna be a great game.

P.S. You think the producer of this game popped a stiffy when the whole Snowden thing started? lol

iPad1928d ago

I think the demos are scripted, for presentation purposes.

Game developers have only so much time to show their game. They're not going to wander around and wait for an epic moment.

Summons751928d ago

Most devs admit this. They have a short time to show off and essentially sell the game that they need too. On top of that they're in build that isn't final so many things have the potential to go wrong. Demoers also play the demo hundreds of times to learn everything so they don't die or mess up or do one thing that could potentially set off a bug.

So I wouldn't be surprised of its scripted and honestly wouldn't care since I can see where they're coming from.

eezo1928d ago

yes agree... its just part and parcel of business strategy for these big gaming firms...

Hayabusa 1171928d ago


Obviously in a demo things will be set up to give an example of what kind of interactions are POSSIBLE in the game...same with any other game.

As for whether the game itself will be fully dynamic...well, if it's an open world game, how can it not be? Open world games usually don't use scripted events, it's simply too much work. There's nothing stopping the devs from making it a linear, story driven hacking game that's fun, and people will still buy it as long as it does what it says on the tin and it looks why then would they need to market it as a open world game?

Time will tell I guess, but even if it isn't what they claim it to be, well, not many game ARE: Bioshock was nothing like what they hyped it to be, but it was still enjoyable to play, so I'll definitely give "Watch_Dogs" a chance.

Either way, I think Watch Dogs will be pretty close to what they claim. I mean think about it, it's just GTA where you remotely activate's really not that hard to do.

eezo1928d ago

this is become a norm of some sort, every developer used these type of tactics (scripted gameplay demo, demo running on PC instead of the console it is schedule to release) to impress gamers and fans....

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