The Witcher 3 Will Not Have Visual Cutbacks On PS4/Xbox One Relative To PC

CD Projekt RED has confirmed that The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt will look and play the same across all platforms i.e The Witcher 3 will not have visual and graphics cutbacks on PS4 and Xbox One relative to PC.

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Saints941931d ago

Good :D The Witcher 3 looks like a great game coming out for everybody.q

Rainstorm811931d ago

One of my most anticipated next gen games.....can't wait

awi59511930d ago (Edited 1930d ago )

Well thats just dumb witcher 2 you needed a really good pc to max it out. Now its being dumbed down like cysis for console thats just sucks. Well i can call this now this game wont push pc's at all no reason to upgrade at all.

At this rate i wont have to upgrade my pc at all this year no game is going to push it because of the console versions. Lets see what Bf4 can do later in the year maybe that game can make me upgrade. They better not cenosor the game on pc just so it can be sold on console. There is alot of sex in the witcher games way more graphic than what console does.

Mariusmssj1930d ago

I highly doubt it's being dumbed down for next gen consoles. If you remember it's not coming to PS3 or 360.

I wish definition of visual cutbacks would be better explained.

pkb791930d ago

If you interested in sex there is whole area of the internet focused on that. You could try finding a real woman/man? Or if you are some sort of unsightly, jibbering, hunchback you could get a hooker for less then the cost to upgrade your graphics card.

The graphics quality, resolution and fps on real life are amazing even on low settings.

awi59511930d ago (Edited 1930d ago )


LOL Ive had more women than you can ever dream of hell i was married before lol. Kids today always talking out their backside lol. Hell i bet the women that i've nailed from one race is more than all of yours combined lol. Especially the Japanese chicks they love my big ching ching lol.

inveni01930d ago

Why can't anyone be interested in sex without people like you thinking it means they're sex-starved pervs?

Religion much?

awi59511930d ago (Edited 1930d ago )


Yeah inveni0 man these kids today dont have any sense. I like R rated movies too doesnt mean i watch them for the sex scenes. I dont like all this disneyfied crap that video games are regulated too. If a game wants to put in the same content as a Rated R movie congress and parents group come out and try to ban it.

I want video games to have the same respect as movies and they dont have it they have to censor themselves all the time. The witcher games are the one games that dont give a crap with the parents groups have to say. If they want to put a love scene in a game they will do it the same way a rate R movie would and i love them for it. Because they dont back down from the dumb asses that think games are just for kids.

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dedicatedtogamers1931d ago

I played Witcher 2 on my PC and it's a beautiful game at max settings. That said, it was clearly made for a controller so I'll probably end up getting W3 on my PS4 even though I still have my gaming PC.

Firan1931d ago

I'm not sure if I'll get it for PS4 or PC. I would need to upgrade my old graphics card if I want it to look good. Well I got time to decide.

Tr10wn1931d ago

I played Witcher 2 on PC with a controller so i don't see the point of that argument giving that controller support is a standard in these days i don't see how Witcher 3 will be any different, now on topic, maybe the game wont have a visual cutback as in graphics but i'm willing to bet it will in the performance i highly doubt the game will run at [email protected] on the consoles, i really hope they aren't holding PC gaming back again because of consoles, it will be a shame if they do that in the beginning of a new gen after all is no secret PC gaming is already more powerful than next-gen consoles and with the new GPU series coming out 700 series and 8000 series i think by next year PC gaming will be far ahead of the consoles again.

dedicatedtogamers1931d ago

I played W2 on my PC with a controller as well. My point is that it will have native controller support on PS4 and perhaps even some implementation of the touch pad.

MaleManSam1930d ago

I have no idea why you're being disagreed with so much considering how right you are about controller support by PC devs (not modders), that consoles wont run at [email protected] and the hoping the PC versions of games are still the forfront of graphical abilities for games.

But whether or not these things happen, I know that the beautiful series will deliver once again.

crazyboom1931d ago

How is the gameplay in the witcher 2? I haven't had a chance to play them so witcher 3 will be my first. Also is it possible to make your character magic focused?

dedicatedtogamers1931d ago

Yeah, the three "schools" of focus are Alchemy, Signs, and Swordplay.

Swordplay is...well, duh.

Alchemy covers making your own potions (which can temporarily improve stats) but also covers items like bombs and traps, which can be very handy in combat.

Signs covers magic, and although you have a somewhat limited pool of spells, they all have their purposes.

It's almost impossible to NOT use swordplay sooner or later, but you can lean more towards magic, alchemy, a balance, or just toward swords. It's up to you.

And the gameplay in W2 is great. Get it on PC if you can because it has free mods but the 360 version is also good.

crazyboom1931d ago

Thanks for the info dedicatedtogamers its appreciated

DeadlyFire1930d ago

If you have a gaming PC download Steam and check it over the next couple of weeks. When their summer sale shows up you can probably get both Witcher 1, and Witcher 2 for cheap.

AKS1931d ago (Edited 1931d ago )

You can play Witcher 2 on PC easily enough with a 360 controller. It works quite well.

You're "native" argument is pretty questionable as well. It's not like you have to individual map each button manually. Activate a controller and it works perfectly with no issues and no extra work.

x8001930d ago

Clearly made for controller? Dont make me laugh.

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Prcko1931d ago (Edited 1931d ago )

this game will blow our minds

NYC_Gamer1931d ago

I'm happy the whole gaming community will get to enjoy CD Projekt rpgs on their platform/console of choice

theWB271931d ago

For a game this big to not have to be downscaled at all from the PC is too exciting. Mainly because this is only the first wave of's going to be a good gen.

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