7 Fighting Games that Should Be Brought Back

With a new Killer Instinct on its way to the Xbox One there might be some hope for these games to make it to the next gen consoles. Here's 7 games that most definitely need to be revived.

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Godmars2901929d ago (Edited 1929d ago )

More than a bit criminal that Boshido Blade only appeared on the PS1 in its true form. That kind of game style should have only been developed further.

Also: BRING BACK 2D GAMING! Sprites!

Yi-Long1929d ago (Edited 1929d ago )

.... there are far too few of those being made. Would LOVE a new sprite-based Street Fighter Alpha game (SFA4).

Nice list btw. Personally, I would like to add a new Ranma 1/2 game (that show is awesome), as well as a pretty unknown game for the SNES, Taekwondo.

GooseGrifter1929d ago

Wow, Ranma 1/2 and Taekwondo? You've literally scrapped the bottom of the obscure bucket. I've never personally played Street Fighter Alpha (Unless you count the GBA one, which my copy was bootleg version from Mexico), but I did admire the art style. Something about the SNK vs Capcom art style that was just

abzdine1928d ago

after what i've seen KI on X1 has nothing to do with what KI used to be.
it feels more like "Street Fighter Instinct 4" with those graphics and gameplay.

I like this list, Rival Schools was amazing and so was Power Stone!! That was the true Capcom right there!
I'm disappointed Tobal and Ehrgeiz aren't in that list.. SquareEnix at its best as well

wishingW3L1928d ago (Edited 1928d ago )

CvS2 had bad art but the first CvS had epic art!

And yeah, that new Killer Instinct looks ultra crap.

Cursinguser1928d ago

I'd love a new Ranma fighting game. It'll never happen, but it'd be great. The PS1 3D fighting game was pretty bad, but at least it had the transformations :)

HugoDrax1928d ago (Edited 1928d ago )

Tobal 3 please! I still have my Tobal 2 Japanese import for my modded day one PS1 console. Unlike consoles this generation, it still works as if it's a new product. I remember beating Tobal 2 with the character CHACO hahaha! She wakes up on a space ship, the alarm/siren is going off, she gets up, Boobs swinging and all, grabs suit and runs out the door hahaha! I was stunned, and ever since then always purchased Japanese import PS games. Although, I just setup a Japanese PSN account to play import demos/games now a days. So convenient.

Another Japanese PS1 fighting game I still have in my collection is Shin Sangokumusou, aka Dynasty Warriors. Unlike the sequels, the first game in the series was a fighting game. They could always go back to that genre with this franchise, but I doubt it as it hasn't happened in over a decade.

Furthermore, my favorite Japanese PLAYSTATION 1 fighter in my collection is titled (Asuka 120% BURNING Fest Excellent). Not sure if any of you have played it as well, but it was a great Japanese fighter for the time. I'm curious to see if it's on the jap PSN store? YouTube footage below

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wishingW3L1928d ago

bring back 2D sprites? They are here in the form of KOF13 and Blazblue. Skullgirls and Arcana Heart 3 are sprite based too.

Cuzzo631929d ago

Primal Rage. Weapon Master. Bloody Roar. Eternal Champions. Clay Fighter. If any knows about those. Tell me im wrong......

No_Limit1928d ago (Edited 1928d ago )

Add in Tao Feng: Fist of the Lotus, Ultra Vortex, Fight For Life, Shaq FU, Kasumi Ninja, 3D Ballz, Rise of Robots.

Wait, I thought we are talking about the 7 fighting games that we shouldn't bring back? Wrong thread, my bad.

HugoDrax1928d ago

I remember searching everywhere for Ultra Vortek for my Atari jaguar. Could never find it, but it wasn't an error on my behalf. It was that there weren't many retailers that sold Jaguar titles in my area. That explains why I only have Alien vs Predator, Raiden and Dragon the Bruce Lee Story still in my possession hahaha!

1928d ago
MrChow6661928d ago

primal rage with next gen graphics\mechanics could be awesome

MrSwankSinatra1928d ago

all i want is arcade perfect version of super street fighter II turbo for the PSN. not that hd remix bullcrap

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