First Impressions: Behind the Wheel with DriveClub, the PS4 Racer That Wants to Keep You on the Road

Push Square: "Evolution Studios does not consider PlayStation 4 launch title DriveClub to be just another racing game. The talented Runcorn-based outfit sees its latest vehicular outing as more of a social service – a hub that will keep you hooked by allowing you to interact with friends, recruit your own personal team, and sit in the cockpit of some of the world’s speediest high-performance sports cars. But despite the idea originally hitting the starting grid around ten years ago, is the MotorStorm developer anywhere near crossing the finishing line on its ambition?"

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RonRico1931d ago

I didn't know the team behind Motorstorm was behind this game. Kind of looking forward to to now.

805Junior8051931d ago

This game is going to be fun. Already picking it up alongside kill zone.

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FAT MAN GO BOOM1931d ago

I know this game has a digital version with pan+ but I am going to pick this game as well...

I want all the cars and tracks it looks good and I liked motorstorm and I am ready for something that is not from EA or is GT7

That said... Forza to me was the only thing that looked awesome from the MS event at E3...

I can't wait to see more of Drive Club I think it will do the job awesomely...

Dee_911931d ago

I keep hearing about tracks is this game not open world ? Or is it both open world and tracks?

MWong1931d ago

It probably is open world, but the PS+ version will only feature tracks.