A New Xbox 360 SKU

This Gameplayer article tackles the need for Microsoft to release a new SKU of the Xbox 360 and goes into detail about what the company will need to change and why.

"Look left, look right and there is nothing but good games on the horizon as far as the eye can see, especially for the Xbox 360. To one side you have an awesome catalogue of hits, from Dead Rising to Halo 3 and Just Cause to Mass Effect. On the other there's Fable 2, GTA IV, Too Human, Halo Wars and more coming our way. But look directly in front of you at the machine that can play all these wonders and there is a maligned console struggling to keep up with the pace. Microsoft needs to get serious and release a new SKU for their console that gives it a fresh image, and a fresh sense of purpose. And here's how…"

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Breakfast4247d ago

I agree with everything there. Hopefully they can implement them in the next xbox.

MS is gonna learn ALOT from the mistakes they made on xbox 360. And as long as MS keeps makin the software i want, ill keep buying there shotty products.

shine13964247d ago

its a cool article and all...but don't you see, he's just saying that it ought to be more like the ps3,,,the hard-drive...the way the bluray goes in, the aesthetic look of quality... shame really...i'm sure we could come up a way better article...

SlappingOysters4247d ago

It would be cool to have the kick ass features of the PS3 and acesses to the Xbox 360 games library and online modes.

I love my xbox 360, but I am not afraid to say it feels, looks and fails like a cheap peice of $hit

kevoncox4247d ago (Edited 4247d ago )

U agree with all the wrong information in it. example wireless adaptar isn't 169.00. WHo wrote this? He doesn't like the look of the 360 and is passically asking for a ps3... why not just by a ps3?

The guy at # 2 is a fanboy.

sonarus4246d ago

@kevoncox. You do realize not everybody lives in America right. Just a thought since its is, maybe they are talking about austrailan dollars. hmmmm. I wonder

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MURKERR4247d ago (Edited 4247d ago )

unfortunately when you rush to get a product to the market without thinking about anything other than being 1st to that market,cheap no risks,quality controls lacking and last-gen media are common place.

games were 360's saviour (very good games at that) because even the most hardened 360 fanboys if their honest and a true gamer cannot dispute that 360 is one poorly designed machine faliure rate figures dont lie im afraid.

microsoft will learn from this for their new machine

actually what will the next one be called? where can they go after the name 360?

Omegasyde4247d ago

I am pretty sure they going to red rid of numbers and perhaps call it something cool.

We all know how many 360 jokes there were.

They can't you Elite for a console name either so I am guessing they will go with Xbox Ultra or Micorsoft "Horizon" or Epsilon.

93314247d ago

pls fix the RROD thing b4 intro new machine like a time bomb one day will ring.....even nowadays scare to play more hours into it to avoid red ring of death.....

gta_cb4246d ago

whats your gamertag? (just curious) i have had mine running Gears of War for nearly 48 hours straight and the room was more then warm a lot of the time and nothing has happened, i have had mine for OVER a year and a half and to this day i have had no problem with it. and dont think i am a lair, if i get the RRoD i will come on here and announce it. and while its off getting repaired i will play on my 40GB PS3.

Lew_Ijgee4247d ago (Edited 4247d ago )

Why don't we just name all the features of the PS3 and wish they were part of the Xbox 360??? *End Sarcasm*

Sounds like a Christmas wish list... Santa Claus isn't real.

They forget to mention how many of these hopeful changes would completely screw current owners of the system.

SlappingOysters4247d ago

you and your agreer didn't read to the end, where that is addressed.

jessupj4246d ago

That is not a viable solution. Do you realise the enormous cost that would produce for ms? Even if they paid the different. It's never going to happen. Ms shot themselves in the foot this gen, but i'm sure they have learnt their mistakes for next gen :)

lim_ryan4247d ago

who need 360(red ring of death machine) when u got
PS3+bluray+MGS4+FF13+GT5+free online for entire ps3 life cycle.....

tudors4247d ago

because the games and service are great.

"PS3+bluray+MGS4+FF13+GT 5+free online for entire ps3 life cycle....."

So you think it will be free forever?

PopEmUp4247d ago

as long as sony can get advertise around the word "free" will still be around

ThaToNeKiiDKaBaW4247d ago

How do you know it will always will free? Right now it's the inferior service to MS's Live service.. it should be free. I don't think you'd be happy paying for a service that is worst than the other one..

If PSN takes the lead as being "the" service to use, then Sony might charge for it, seeing how MS is making a killing off Live..

SlappingOysters4247d ago

for charging for online in this day and age. Whole cities are wirelss hubs now for christ sake.

MS are rorting thier fans and blackballing newcomers. They really need to limit their greed.

jessupj4246d ago

I don't think PSN is inferior at all. You go online with your console to play games, not so much for any of the other features. And it is my understanding that dedicated servers and far better then p2p, so just stfu about it, you're making my ears bleed.

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