PS4 and Xbox One consoles already being sold on eBay

Gadget Mill: Here at Gadget Mill we love our gaming and of course getting the best deals. As we are extremely hyped up this generation for the next round of consoles to make their way to the stores; we decided to go ahead and pre-order this time round.

After a bit of hunting around we found some amazing pre-order deals where some retailers were selling consoles for less than the retail price. So be sure to keep an eye out as you could save some money which you could then of course put towards your games. However we also found a good share of bad deals where retailers were charging more than the retail price and of course people on eBay taking advantage! If you check on eBay you will see exactly what we mean, as there are quite a few listings available for PS4 and Xbox One pre-orders.

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majiebeast1930d ago (Edited 1930d ago )

Damn scalpers they are scum. So many people couldnt buy Ninokuni CE because scalpers bought a buttload and then sold em for insane prices.

Im so glad their WiiU scalping backfired badly and they had to sell the consoles at a loss.

deadlydragon1211930d ago

Exactly, its almost like a crime organisation move if you ask me!

ChrisW1929d ago

Guaranteed to be a criminal organization behind it!

SilentNegotiator1929d ago (Edited 1929d ago )

Imagine Edward G. Robinson holding up a Wii U in front of a massive pile of Wii Us saying "We're gonna be rich, see?! Rich! Nyeah!"

pixelsword1929d ago (Edited 1929d ago )

Just send them a post-dated cheque and if they bungle the order, just tell your bank to stop payment on the cheque.

Pope_Kaz_Hirai_II1930d ago

This is stupid mainly becuse your not gonna buy a brand new console over ebay and lose out on the protection a dedicated game store brings and amazon probably, if my ps4 broke down i would be happy to be able to drive to gamestop or w/e to get it sent away for repair.

jeeves861929d ago

I'd have to disagree. There are people out there who absolutely 'have' to have it first, regardless of what it costs.

This is particularly true at Christmas with parents who are desperately searching for that one thing that their kid 'must have.'

chrispseuphoria1929d ago (Edited 1929d ago )

The Last of Us Statues on Ebay are over $300! That's disgusting...

HammadTheBeast1929d ago


Actually not really. For $100 you could probably have a custom statue made yourself.

Nikhil1929d ago

I mean, it's not their fault it's selling for that much. The people biding are the ones driving prices so high. It's just supply/demand.

SilentNegotiator1929d ago (Edited 1929d ago )

They're called collector's items. If you wanted one, you should have collected one.

Collector's items go up in value.

oof461929d ago

As long as people buy them, people will scalp them.

jeffgoldwin1929d ago

And this is why scalping tickets for sporting events in illegal in most cities. Cant completely stop it, but at least it slows it way down.

Mainsqueeze1929d ago

I think its funny that people are stupid enough to buy from them...almost serves them right for not having the common sense to look it up on Amazon or something.

yeahokchief1929d ago (Edited 1929d ago )

Dont hate the player. I got my PS4 for $330 with release day shipping via amazon. If I can sell it for $600-800 around christmas, you bet your sweet ass I will.

I love how Microsoft is potentially helping me make money this year.

deadlydragon1211929d ago

I think that is fine; most people's beef is with the individuals who buy these at bulk looking to profit from the gamers who couldn't get a hold of the consoles. Best thing for them is the fact that they usually can return the consoles if they didn't sell like hot cakes as expected - like the PS3 in the UK..

RedHawkX1929d ago

no ones gonna buy an xbox one let alone an xbox one from a scalper thats even more overpriced lol.

Realplaya1929d ago

It'll be funny when they send you a message that the price has changed playa.

yeahokchief1929d ago (Edited 1929d ago )


$408 with release day shipping. paid for with amazon $50 gift cards purchased for $40 each. $328 on release playa. Not to mention i'll get back 5% cash back off the purchase which gets sent right back into my account.

So actually i'm only paying around $311. Dont hate.

So if i can mark up two of them to $600 at christmas that means i'd profit around $580. Easy money.

rdgneoz31929d ago

If you bought $50 gift cards for $40 each, you're spending $388 on release (you only saved $20, not $80). %5 cash back should make it about $368.60. Still better than $408, but its not $311.

yeahokchief1927d ago

rdgneoz3... seriously learn to do math

400/50= 8x40=320+8= 328x.05= 311

dont hate. this is why you dont get deals. youre dumb.

tanookisuit1929d ago

OH GOD, don't even remind me about Ni No Kuni. Namco Bandai can burn in hell!

LordHiggens1929d ago

Welcome to the free market...I personally would have a few on there if I could afford it.

When it comes down to it it's just trading one item for another. Supply and demand...simple economics. I have something you want and you will pay an exuberant amount to get it. I'm the bad guy for taking advantage of such simple behavior? No I don't think so.

Bruce_Wayne1929d ago (Edited 1929d ago )

These scumbags need to get a job if they're dying for money. Or they can just ask me for a few bucks.

BaconBits1929d ago

Not sure if you would really take a loss as a scalper. They can just return the unopened console to the store for a refund during the 30 days.

-MD-1929d ago

"m so glad their WiiU scalping backfired badly and they had to sell the consoles at a loss."


You still have a receipt, you just sell it back to the store if nobody buys it at launch. Nobody had to sell their console at a loss.

1929d ago
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PopRocks3591930d ago

Silly article. Everyone knows that brand new game consoles being sold online prior to launch always cost thousands upon thousands of dollars.

deadlydragon1211930d ago

Why would it so soon? You can still go to a store right now and pre-order a PS4 and receive one day one. The point is people are already selling and buying these console pre-orders on eBay.

PopRocks3591930d ago

It wouldn't be. I'm just saying every time I've seen a console go on sale on eBay prior to its official launch, the prices are astronomically high. This is more likely a scam.

Or if they are legit pre-orders, then something is sure to go wrong for some of them. The picture in the article of the Gameboy in the Vita box pretty much says it all.

Muffins12231930d ago


Edit* You mean psp box?Thats not a ps vita box

KillrateOmega1930d ago (Edited 1930d ago )

They sure are a bunch of quality, upstanding individuals... /sarcasm

PigPen1929d ago

I don't trust nothing on ebay. I also don't feel that strong demand for the consoles to be sold on ebay. Looking at the preorders from amazon alone is why I strongly believe there will be consoles in stock launch day and after.

Transporter471929d ago

Ebay is good at what they do, just read the description and if they give you something else then you still get your money refunded btw.

deadlydragon1211929d ago

If your a buyer on eBay nowadays you have more rights than sellers - this is coming from a seller! In some cases buyers even take advantage by trying to earn themselves partial refunds over silly things!

Dark_Overlord1929d ago

100% agree, there's a lot of tricks 'buyers' use to scam sellers, and Ebay protect these 'buyers' as much as possible. Sellers aren't even allowed to leave negative feedback if a buyer rips them off :/

RedHawkX1929d ago

just order from amazon why buy from ebay? these consles will be in stock like wii u was.

Cam9771929d ago

I wouldn't preorder from eBay anyway.