Pandemic Studios Working On New Batman Game

GamerCenterOnline: "According to a cancelled post on the IGN website, Pandemic Studios and Electronic Arts are working on a new Batman game."

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chitown4239d ago

batman begins is my fav movie. hopefully dark knight will be just as good. btw they need a good batman game

hazeblaze4239d ago

Unfortunately the fact that this game is supposed to be a movie tie in will almost certainly mean that it sucks!

I think we do need a good Batman videogame though! But we need one based on the comic universe, not a movie tie in.

Citizen Cook4239d ago

Good to hear, hope it doesn't suck like Batman Begins - the game did though. Strange we haven't heard much though, weird....

Considering IRONMAN is out this summer as well, yet Sega have released videos, screenshots, etc...


PS360WII4239d ago

I always like Batman games. I got all 3 of them last gen... leasat I'm pretty sure it was 3. The best one was Batman Vengance which was based off the cartoon one. Just great control, camara, moves, and level design.

GCO Gamer4239d ago

but the way ea has been making game is slowly improving so this should be good.

Grown Folks Talk4239d ago

wasn't great, but decent enough that I actually finished it. My favorite Batman game to date is the Sunsoft game on NES.