Miyamoto: Mario Will Likely Return To Single-Player

Dylan Newcome - May look to explore the Galaxy further.

When Mario fans heard that a 3D Mario platformer for Wii U would be shown at E3, expectations were undoubtedly high and varied. Many had their own ideas about what Mario's 3D foray into high-definition would look and play like, but it would have been difficult to predict a successor to Super Mario 3D Land. Fan reactions to the announcement were certainly mixed, with some questioning the decision to focus on multiplayer.

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PopRocks3591934d ago

The sooner the better if Nintendo won't bother to make the multiplayer ones online.

Concertoine1933d ago

i dont understand the disagrees personally. i enjoyed my wii for 3 solid years, but as soon as i joined all my friends on 360 and we had a blast playing online games and such, a online coop mario is a dream.
the fact that nintendo won't take things beyond the couch is really frusturating, especially with my mario buddy moving 6 hours away -_-

PigPen1933d ago

Online is to choppy for a Super Mario game. Online is limited to how it's being used. Online is best at matches, but can be used in other ways like Monster Hunter. For a Super Mario game, I think Nintendo made the best choice. Super Mario is that type of game you play together with family, not with friends online.

Kurylo3d1932d ago (Edited 1932d ago )

family cant be online?
And to say a 4 player game would be choppy is a joke. I can understand 10 player, but most internet companies will allow u to host a server and not throttle u if only 3 poeple are connecting to it.

Mr_Nuts1933d ago (Edited 1933d ago )

So can they at least confirm whether or not this is the Wii U "spiritual" successor to Super Mario 64, Sunshine and Galaxy.

Because this looks like what New Super Mario Bros U was to the handhelds New Super Mario Bros.

Here it seems like we have gotten a console version of Super Mario 3D Land

Rusty5151933d ago (Edited 1933d ago )

It's sad that you got downvoted for actually speaking the truth. 3D World IS basically a sequel to 3D Land. I'm sorry, but for a console this is just unacceptable. It's sad that there's a actually nintendo fanboys who support this. It's just damage control after damage control. Where's the third party support? "it's the developers fault! Not nintendos." Where's the games? "Just wait till 2014!" Yeah Two years AFTER the consoles release. Why's the console so overpriced? "Because Nintendo had to make the touchpad!" Why did Nintendo need the touchpad? What's wrong with actually making a console with better specs instead of relying on stupid gimmicks nobody cares about? "It doesn't matter! People buy nintendo consoles for Nintendo games!"

It's like geez. Do you not know why Nintendo is making so many mistakes right now with the wii u? It's because you guys just keep on saying it's fine WHEN IT'S NOT. What if we just bent over for Microsoft with the drm and used game policies? What if us sony fans didn't say anything about the TERRIBLE ps3 launch? (Lack of third party support, no games, and expensive launch price.) then the ps4 would be the ps3 all over again. As gamers we should actually stand up and say what we want instead of corporations giving us what THEY THINK what we want.

Nintendo has me beyond disappointed. They screwed up with the Wii U. They should have ditched the stupid touchpad and actually made a console that could actually run next gen titles. So not only do we not have third party support for it, we also have to wait until 2014 until the heavy hitters come out. This new mario is a joke. I know it may not seem like it, but I AM a Nintendo fan. I'm just a Nintendo fan that can actually admit that Nintendo is screwing up with this console instead of just acting like it's alright.

Concertoine1933d ago

how about you let the game come out before you completely trash it. I seriously doubt nintendo's going to keep it as simple as 3D land. from the little gameplay we've seen, there's already way more variety than there was in that game. plus the coop looks fun.
3rd party support has always been lacking on nintendo consoles, in fact i think the wii u is getting comparitively decent support. they got two games from platinum, and they already hired the indie armikrog team as a licensed nintendo developer. its clear they're making strides to have a unified, albeit small, team of third and second party support.
the wii u isn't overpriced. it's selling at a loss, in fact. the technology behind the gamepad is expensive, and obviously to you it's not worth it. but to wii u owners who've experienced how intuitive it is, they love it. unless you own a wii u and still dont like it in which case the console clearly isn't for you.
i can understand the complaints, but im glad the wii u is the way it is. that is, its not trying to be a ps4 or xbox one.

Mr_Nuts1933d ago

I got downvoted because Nintendo fanboys are the worst when it comes to this type of stuff. Instead of admitting something they already know they just give us the whole "wait for it to come out" when it wont change anything, the user above is a prime example

Super Mario World looks exactly the same as Super Mario land except with new characters.

Kurylo3d1932d ago (Edited 1932d ago )

u really cannot say this game doesnt play like mario 3d land. Your kidding yourself if u think its different. Sure u got some new suits and a couple of game play additions, but its not the sequel to mario64 that everyone is begging for. Nor is it a sequel to super mario world. I mean honestly i dont buy nintendo consoles, though i miss mario... fondest gaming moments from mario games.

But that being said I WOULD buy this console for one game and one game only. Mario 64 mixed with supermario world. World map, locations, enemies, all recreated in 3d. What an awesome game that would make.

Bring back the cape!.. i mean cmon... a cat suit... dumbasses.

Rusty5151933d ago

Oh please not another galaxy. Don't get me wrong, I really liked galaxy 1 and 2 but let's be honest here, they had nothing on 64 and sunshine. If they do make a single player focused mario game for the wii u, let it be a 64/sunshine sequel or an entirely new sub-franchise.

Concertoine1933d ago

i agree to an extent. the platforming in galaxy was spot-on. the nonlinearity and open world nature of sunshine and 64 was better though.
i think super mario multiverse would suffice :P in which mario jumps into tangential timelines, alternate realities, and abstract universes. imagine a retro universe, a universe in which mario is the villain...
almost too ambitious, maybe i should patent that...

vazurahan1933d ago (Edited 1933d ago )

Multiplayer is fun but

Single player platform game level design


Multiplayer platform game level design

imXify1933d ago

I don't really disagree but in a cooperative multiplayer platform game level design, there's a possibility of adding more complex puzzles that can be solved by two or more people.

One of the best example I can give to this is the Portal 2 coop mode.

SolidDuck1933d ago

I don't see why u can't have a great very tight single player mario game. But also be able to play 4 player. Sure 4 player will take away a lot of the challange, but it's fun to play 4 player. I don't know why it can't be both.

vazurahan1933d ago

There are objective explanations to that. And you're right the multiplayer is fun but that's just because you have a friend to tag along but not because the multiplayer actually improves the level design. So I'm not against it. I want Galaxy 3 to stay single player and have 3D World for multiplayer.

In Old Super Mario Bros. games you often see a single block platform(Only one character will fit.) thus the level design can be more challenging. Adding multiplayer requires that platforms are long to accommodate more players.

In Old Super Mario Bros. games there are also enemy platforms (Flying turtle). So after stomping and jumping over it, it falls. They can't really do much of that in multiplayer or there won't be any more platform for the other players.

There are a lot more but I don't want to give you a bigger wall of text. I'm not against this at all. I just don't want them to force multiplayer on every Mario game. Making a separate series for it is okay like 3D World. But I don't want them to ruin Galaxy 3 evel design by adding multiplayer.

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