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Well there you have it, Naughty Dog knocks it out of the park again. I hope you enjoy my insight on this game and I hope you enjoy the game as well. I’m happy to hear any thoughts or comments anyone has.

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yewles11929d ago

211 perfect scores now... wow.

brodychet1929d ago

and it earned all of them and more.

I don't see how people could give it 6s and 7s. Just boggles my mind.

I love this game.

xReDeMpTiOnx1929d ago

The people that score it low Arendt likely those just trying to bring down its score, because u look at the huge majority and it scores so high that's there would be no credibility in those scoring low.

Philoctetes1929d ago

Anybody who scores this game below a 9 is just trolling. It has a few very minor flaws, so if somebody wants to give it a 9 because "10/10 means flawless" (I disagree with that standard), that's okay. But if you score this game lower than that, you need to stick to Farmville.

rezzah1929d ago

Is that the highest of all time?

rezzah1929d ago (Edited 1929d ago )

A problem I noticed is that the amount of reviewers may likely increase overtime. it creates an advantage for newer games to have the ability to achieve much more higher individual scores than previous games.

This also means that games have a higher chance at receiving lower individual scores.

The best way to consider things is to check the ratios of perfect scores to amount of reviews for the specific game. The higher the ratio the better scores the game got overall.

I just think this is an objective way to look at things.

Kos-Mos1929d ago


Do you really think that because many people says it`s perfect, it is?
"The majority is never right." "The majority always follows around like dogs."

I always turn sceptical when the majority goes: "WOOOW! BEST MOVIE EVER!!!" like they did with crapfests like avatar, pearl harbor and transformers.

So, my opinion is that most reviewers aren`t super intellectual when comes to video-games. They are just dogs.
A solid 8/10 from me.

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xReDeMpTiOnx1929d ago

I think it has the most perfect scores in history.

fenome1929d ago

It's a beautiful game, I think it sends spores out of my ps3 though, I can't stop thinking about it...I'm hooked..