Batman: Arkham Origins Preview-TGH

TGH Writes: "The Batman: Arkham series is renown for it’s great visuals, classic Batman storyline and being filled to the goddamn brim with justice. Me? I’m a huge fan of the particular brand of justice that Batman deals out. The satisfying thuds and crunches as you glide into the face of some lowly thug who’s just trying to provide for his starving family. Poor chap, he’s just stuck in a vicious circle of pursuing a life of crime to pay his way through life, but can’t because he spends it all on medical bills due to Batmans insatiable thirst for unnecessary justice!"

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Lord_Sloth1983d ago

They should include his TAS 1st Outing costume as seen in Mask of the Phantasm.

ZombieKiller1983d ago

I like that idea! I love that movie! They should include skin packs in era's if that made any sense. The golden age pack, the animated pack, the frank miller era, the dark knight era, hell, I wouldn't even mind a "movie batman" era where all his costumes from the crappy movies were bat nipples! no thanks! lol