Nerlens Noel Talks NBA 2K14 And NBA Live 14

University of Kentucky standout and Philadelphia Sixers NBA rookie Nerlens Noel talks basketball video games NBA 2K14 and NBA Live 14 at the 2013 NBA Draftin New York.

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jagiii2025d ago

Love that Kid n Play hairstyle.

MikeyDucati12024d ago

Styles always make that full circle huh? 10 years ago, would have been laughed at.

jbl3162024d ago

Is this hairstyle making a comeback? There's that Miami Heat player Norris Cole that has it too. Fresh Prince in style now?

MikeyDucati12023d ago

Well if you look at the hipsters with their geek glasses, tight pants, and hi top shoes you can see that is similar to the b-boy style of early, early hip hop. So yea, everything comes full circle.

moparful992024d ago

I'll miss seeing UK carved into the back of that head.. Man broke my heart when he blew his knee out.. Great kid, great player.. I wish you all the best Nerlens BBN will always appreciate you!!!