EA-Land (The Sims Online) Now For Free Players

That's right: The Sims Online has been revamped into "EA-Land," where you can now roam as a free-to-play member. Of course, membership ($9.99) can get you into more lots in "EA-Land," but free members can get all the capabilities of a subscribing member in the other city, "Test Center 3." The Test Center is a place for testing new updates for use in the true "EA-Land." You can download the game at the site given, or you can order an install CD through PayPal ($5) to avoid a hefty download (1.5GB). This is the answer for everyone who was never hot about paying $9.99 a month when the game was first released in 2002.

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Montrealien4485d ago

hey brother. You are 2% of the gaming market. Remeber that. Your opinion means nothing and clearly you are not the target audience for this, why even care?

Montrealien4485d ago

seems like a Sims online for the peoplle that like it. Should be good, but not for me.

feejo4485d ago

would be full of pub we know.