DualShock 4 Vs Xbox One Controllers Comparison - Design, Vibration, Trigger Buttons And More

"At this year's E3, I've managed to play a couple of next-gen titles on the next generation platforms such as Knack, DriveClub, Killzone , Ryse and Powerstar Golf on Xbox One. And as expected it was exciting to get hands-on both of the systems controllers."

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AxeCain1932d ago

I would like to know how much the UI matters to everyone. I cant stand the PS4 UI from what I have seen so far. I think the Xb1's UI is its largest selling point to me at this point. Anyone else?

Manic20141932d ago

i tried the PS4 controller and the UI at E3, its actually pretty sensitive and the UI is very good though there were moments were the touch pad was unresponsive but was a prototype, you can expect the release controllers to be fine.

As for the X1 the UI is brilliant (Well they are a Software company) it is similar to the 360 but heavily improved. The controller's feedback is terrific it reacts well to the controls and reaction's.

Out of both its kinda difficult to choose as so far i had a good experience at E3 but for the controller PS4 features including the PS eye capability; and UI hands down MS.

uncharted561932d ago

Ps4 UI looks awesome. All the things you care about are at the top. While bs social things are at the bottom in a news feed format. You should see the ign's ps4 user interface breakdown. Its a huge improvment over ps3 and vita its sort of like 360s but better. I havnt seen the UI for xb1. I will go check it out now and then update my comment lol.

strickers1932d ago

How can you tell what the UIs are like without using them. Load of rubbish . Or is it the lack of advertising on ps4 one ? It's not home unless you are being marketed to.

Khronikos1932d ago (Edited 1932d ago )

I like Micro's UI but that controller is looking only okay. I hope it is as good as the 360 one. The buttons look a little weird to me and the triggers I hope are not that shiny slippery plastic. It's hard to see in photos!

AxeCain1932d ago

Everyone- Thanks for the replies. I'm glad to get others input on the topic of the UI's.
@MMEHTA: Glad to hear that the PS4 UI is better in person. I would really enjoy seeing the a better demo than the teaser Sony has released (I patient) Totally agree that the PS4 controller is sexy as hell. If I do decide to go XB1 it will be hard to miss out on all the great exclusives that I have grown to love with my PS3 (Infamous, Killzone, Uncharted, etc.)

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supraking9511932d ago

I like PS4 controller better, given M$ track record though, they will re-release a Xbone controller with touchpad and claim that they revolutionized the gaming controller first.
PS4 controller is a huge improvement over the PS3 controller, I dont see Xbone controller all that special, they should of made 360 controllers compatible.

Bzone241932d ago

Is the PS3 controller compatible with the PS4?

Lunarassassin1932d ago

I don't understand, how do you get disagrees for asking a question?

theWB271932d ago

So they're going to copy the DS4 when this whole past gen the 360 controller is regarded, in most circles, to be one of-if not the greatest controllers ever released?

All they did was make incremental improvements like the rumble features. You think that with the 360 controller's pedigree they would have to make as many improvements as the DS4? It has largely been the same controller for 3 gens.

Hicken1932d ago

How many circles for, and how many against?

theWB271932d ago

I'm counting now. So far it's....

Khronikos1932d ago (Edited 1932d ago )

Honestly, in some ways that controller looks a step back. I am sure it will work out though. That DS4 looks purely amazing compared to DS3 imho and I always buy both consoles so fanboys can blow me.

Zhipp1932d ago

Did M$ ever re-release the 360 controller?

supraking9511932d ago

yes, new d-pad that still sucks

Manic20141932d ago

They just improved the D pad.

Zhipp1932d ago

Ah, I'd forgotten about that. It was made in response to users hating on the 360's horrific D-pad, though. Not to copy Sony nor Nintendo's design.

GoldPunch-TR1932d ago


DualShock 4 is better.

Have a nice day.

Npugz71932d ago

I hope both systems do well but my choice will be the PS4 first and the XBOX1 sometime down the road! I have to say that the Dual Shock 4 looks pretty sexy!!

Khronikos1932d ago

That DS4 is pure love man. I'd be the sex slave of whoever made it.

Lunarassassin1932d ago

In my opinion DS4 is a stroke of genius. Don't get me wrong both controllers have good features and designs, i just think the DS4 is more innovative

Septic1932d ago

Well yeah it is by virtue of its extra features like the light bar, touchpad, share button etc.

Both look great though.

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