This is Joel’s Backpack in Real Life

Junkie Monkeys: That Vigilante is back at it again with another awesome The Last of Us creation!

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TacticProductionz1930d ago

All those shivs all those parts. I need this.

1930d ago
RedHawkX1930d ago

i want it looks quality

CaptainYesterday1930d ago

It's way to clean to be Joels bag no rips or blood! But seriously I want that thing!

Treezy5041930d ago

You could just throw it in the middle of a busy street or wait for an outbreak and try to survive with it lol.

Mr-SellJack1930d ago

why isn't it torn up?/s
seems to have good quality

Wintersun6161930d ago

Does it come with all the 141 collectibles?

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