A Game to Remember: Streets of Rage

Streets of Rage was one of the first beat'em ups for home consoles and released for the Sega Mega Drive / Genesis back in 1991. This article is a part of the "beat'em up genre tribute" by the Game-Art-HQ community of artists and gives this old game a spotlight through two drawn illustrations made for it as well as describing Streets of Rage

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Cam9772024d ago

You can buy SOR2 from the Playstation Store, it's a fun game.

2024d ago
ion6662024d ago

one of my favorite genesis games .Minus part 3 with the old dude with the robot arms.

ion6662024d ago

......and where did adam go?.

RedHawkX2024d ago

why did they stop making streets of rage games? there should been one on dreamcast and sega saturn and such. they really need streets of rage to come back with the awesome music and battles.

Drewminati2024d ago

they need to , There's still no beat em up game better then street of rage 2

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