Optimizing Your Internet Connection

Jamez Pikover from writes:

"As many of you well know, Xbox Live has been having issues on and off lately, and Microsoft is not allowed to discuss them anymore because some intelligent folk decided to sue them. Great. If you're like me, that means that getting online lately has been hard, if not somewhere between unlikely and impossible. But there is an easy solution, so long as you were able to get online already."

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captainjy4241d ago

What the hell is this tool talking about? Live hasn't had any problems since Christmas. He needs to get a new ISP.

Fishy Fingers4241d ago (Edited 4241d ago )

Just because you haven't had any problems doesnt mean its the same for everyone else does it. Personally, I like you, havent had a problem but then I havent been on my 360 for over a month.

le killer4241d ago

i've not had a problem since the end of december! even when i was getting moderate nat, i could still play/join all my pals!

MorganX4241d ago

I haven't had a problem with connecting since the major outage in Dec either. But several areas are still slow but this fix won't effect that.

Marketplace is still very slow bringing up images and item descriptions. Slowes on images. Connecting to Game store is also slow for me. I can usually buy a movie or game before all the pictures show up. But generally it's fine.

I do find that manually entering your IP settings speeds up initial sign-on but not much else.

bumnut4241d ago (Edited 4241d ago )

i know 14 people with 360's and none of them have had any issues since christmas

this story is clearly aimed at people who do not have a clue about networking.

Fishy Fingers4241d ago

But if this can help only one or two gamers get their 360 back online sooner than it served it purpose.

FirstknighT4241d ago

Yeah my Xbox Live has been having issues for the past few days...I was really annoyed and went to all the forums and complained about it....than I realized my modem was off. :p

Fishy Fingers4241d ago

It took you several days to realize your modem was off? Kind of ridiculous. Still, at least you got it working :)

FirstknighT4241d ago

It was a joke. Kinda like this article. :p

JasonXE4241d ago

then how did you go to the forums?

rodellison4241d ago

What an 'empty' article. If you want to say something useful regarding optimizing Internet connectivity from Xboxs, etc.. discuss Router settings, UPnP, Ports, etc that, if set incorrectly, can limit visibility and connectivity to other players.
Describe the impact of splitters and signal degradation by putting your Cable modem behind them.

IdleLeeSiuLung4241d ago (Edited 4241d ago )

I wouldn't call this article optimizing your internet connection. The title is misleading... I was expecting some tuning or something. Instead I goT HOW DO YOU SETUP STATIC IP WHILE MESSING UP YOUR DYNAMIC IP SETTINGS.

When you plug a computer into the ethernet port most likely it is set for DHCP. This means that the address you receive is dynamically allocated. So if you leave your Xbox 360 turned off for a week and turn it on, that ip address might have been assigned to a different device. Suddenly you get ip conflicts that will potentially slow your connection down to a crawl or not work at all.

Nothing is worse than misleading information disguised as a great suggestion! This is one of them.

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