Rumour: Metroid Blasting Onto The Wii U Virtual Console Next Week

Nintendo Life: ''Super Metroid was made available to Wii U owners for a measly 30c/30p earlier in the year as part of the Super Famicom 30th Anniversary celebrations and many people snapped it up straight away.

The Super Nintendo classic was the home console successor to the popular NES title Metroid, which looks set to be making an appearance on the North American Wii U Virtual Console next week - if Nintendo's website is to be believed.''

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Xof1930d ago

...Could someone translate the article for me? I got a WiiU last week, and Super Metroid was the first game I bought for it. If it's already on the virtual console service, how it it be coming next week?

Shouldn't we be getting Final Fantasy III and/or Secret of Mana and/or Breath of Fire II?

jcnba281930d ago

They are talking about the First Metroid on NES.

greenlantern28141930d ago

the first metroid that was on the nes.

LOL_WUT1930d ago

Finally ;) i'll be buying this one

greenlantern28141930d ago

starting to want the wiiu, seems the virtual console is much better than i had heard. love the original metroid. think i am gonna wait and see what kind of black friday deals are around.

Concertoine1930d ago

the VC is great on the wii, and i think it'll be better on wii u with the inclusion of gamecube games. in my opinion it had the best catalog of old games vs the 360 and ps3. with all the n64 and snes games the other 2 couldn't get.

PigPen1930d ago

I will be buying this NES goodness. To relive the past on the Wii U, hell yeah!

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