Top 3 Best Features of XBOX ONE

XBOX ONE New Features

Xbox one comes packed with some extremely amazing and game changing features which promises the next-gen console to be a great success, but these are the top 3 features that we think makes it stand head and shoulder above others. - See more at:

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FRAKISTAN1930d ago

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH @ the best features of this blackbox

allformats1930d ago

Such a waste of an article man. The three best things are Kinect, Xbox One Operating System? And... Social features?


JokesOnYou1929d ago

These are nice features but this is a poorly written article.

UNGR1929d ago

Well what else would it be? XBL Gold? It's a service, not a feature, and any feature under it wouldn't really count because they fall under the service not the console. Now what? Games? That's the primary function of the device, not a feature. The features they listed are features, and they're intriguing at the least. Granted the OS isn't a feature, it only allows it to function smoothly, no idea why it's in here. It's like saying a feature of a DVD player is playing movies.

1929d ago
greenlantern28141929d ago

is this a joke.
is there even 1 ms fan that thinks these are the top 3 features of the xb1.
not really sure how 3 operating systems are better considering they take up like 3 gb of the ram.
most people have stated they would rather not have the kinect pre packed in a pay less. multitasking is a good feature but is there anybody going man i need multitasking in my gaming console.
shouldnt the list read
1) exclusive games
2) blu-ray
3) cloud since ms has stated that is very important to the xb1

zeal0us1930d ago (Edited 1930d ago )

The fact the made the system around Kinect sorta silly since now it increase the system's price. With the recent NSA/PRISM people are already concern about the kinect.

OS allocate 3gb

Social and Entertainment feature more than likely will require XBLG. Given that they already require XBLG on the 360 to access. Voice command really isn't a big deal to be honest. How hard is it to get up and press the power button or use the controller to scroll through the dashboard.

Overall I wouldn't call them the "best features of Xbox One." Since the competition doesn't require its camera for the system to function. Its OS(modified version FreeBSD) require 1gb. The social and entertainment features doesn't require payment in order for you to access them. They can be used on a free/basic account.

My 3
1) Bluray- Kills the need for disc swapping nor does developer have to cut content to cater to one system
2) Multitask-Allows the X1 to run multiple programs without interrupting your game.
3) SmartGlass

Kingthrash3601930d ago

fun likes you #1 pick too!
they get a piece of every xb1 sale simply because of the bluray player...awsome.
sony also likes your #2 because thos multitasking os take up ram space making the xb1 even less powerful than the ps4...awsome
your #3 is coo...well except the fact that the vita will have the same capabilities.....well more because of its ability to play a full ps4 game......playing killzone shadow fall on toilet anyone? thats awsome..
im not trolling yoh though....I didnt even disagree...but they needs a better top 3 than that imho.

CRAIG6671929d ago

Kingthrash360 have you any idea how much money make from Sony? alot more than petty bluray licensing fees mate.

UNGR1929d ago

Sony has partial ownership, they wouldn't even be getting half of the royalties. Now count in what Microsoft makes from all of the Microsoft software used in Sony hardware, my example being most if not all of their laptops. How does someone this uneducated, uniformed, and ignorant have 6 bubbles?

Kingthrash3601929d ago (Edited 1929d ago )

guys not on fanboy jargon. I NEVER SAID SONY MAKES MORE THAN MS when it comes to royalties. I was just replying to the comment above. and how his top three may also be Sony's top three. that maybe why I have six bubbles to your four. all I did was state my opinion no trolling no fanboy blindness just pure opinion. while you guys are talking numbers im talking games...I don't really care about numbers I care about games...I spend money on games ms/ sony makes money on games. you guys are acting like fanboys, taking offence to something I never said.I stated sony likes the fact that bluray is on xb1 for obvious reasons...I never said sony doesn't use ms products. ... I just replied to a comment is all... fanboys are so over protective about things. then overreact and wonder why people don't plus bubble them..smh

UNGR1929d ago

Cutting content to cater to one system? What on Earth or you smoking? They just make mid way points for switching, or make the second disc an install. And this "cut content", what happens to it? Is it sold later as DLC? Are we to blame Microsoft for cut content being sold as DLC now as well? Perfect definition of a fanboy, making up crap so he can live happy knowing his console is the best, but can't accept that without defending it consistently. Stealth trolling is a little sad, take it somewhere else.

zeal0us1929d ago (Edited 1929d ago )

"Perfect definition of a fanboy"

I am 360 owner, gamertag, PSN account and steam account: Zeal Assassin. "Cutting content to cater to one system", was a poor choice of words, I'll admit and I apologize.

Also I wasn't trolling, just because you don't like what I'm saying, it doesn't mean I am trolling. I was simply stating my opinion. Politicians say a lot stuff which I am pretty sure you don't like. Does it mean they're trolling? Nope of course not, they're just stating their opinion.

If anyone trolling, its the first poster, but yet I don't see you getting on his/her case. Why is that?

KillrateOmega1930d ago (Edited 1930d ago )

"Not one, not two but three operating systems says alot about the intentions of microsoft for XBOX ONE. So far not much been revealed why we need three operating system, but its known that they will all have separate duties to perform. The more the merrier!"

"The more the merrier!" -_-

Yup. I'm so hyped about the Xbox One's 3 operating systems taking up 3/8 of the system's RAM. What can I say? The more GBs taken up, the merrier, right?

Elit3Nick1929d ago

You realize that one of the operating systems is a hypervisor right? If the hypervisor takes 1 gig, then games will be able to use 7 gigs for gaming

Godmars2901929d ago

And what about the other two? They magically don't count?

Elit3Nick1929d ago

the point of a hypervisor is that it can reduce or even shut off the resources that an OS requires, like in the case of the windows kernel OS for snapping, if you are playing a game that will need 7 gigs of ram then the hypervisor can essentially shut off the kernel OS, freeing up RAM that can be used for gaming

Godmars2901929d ago

Again, whether or not it will be able to shut off in whole or in part, you're still talking about a sliding rule of 3GB of RAM. Not that any game will actually ever NEED 7GB, it doesn't sound like a good idea for a dev to be counting on such an absolute when it might not be there.

loulou1929d ago

godmars. what are you talking about? i know that you are troll, but i never thought that you was stupid.

devs will/have been briefed on what they can/cant do. so if in 4 or 5 years they need more ram than the unconfirmed 5 available, they will/can use it.

simple. the hypervisor will shut down ram using apps/os if need be.

No_Limit1929d ago

Godmars, please leave the technical discussion to the experts. You have no clue what you are talking about but secretly hoping that the Ram allotment for gaming is less than the PS4. You have won the troll of the day award for today.

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Halochampian1929d ago

As much as "More RAM means better looking games" argument may be true, It doesn't mean that companies have the budget to put towards artists to put that much assets into a game.

5 GB dedicated to games is plenty enough and most games probably wont come close to that (just based on budget limits).

Having a smooth interface is just as important as playing that games itself. Everyone has to go through the menus at some point and these features are what makes a console as enjoyable as they are.

Hold your judgment before you get your hands on both consoles. I have both preordered and cant wait to get my hands on both. Each system has their pros and cons.

OrangePowerz1929d ago

Sure 5GB is enough now, but you will use the console for many many years. Also RAM is used for more then just art assets like textures such as Anti Alasing and in general all the data generated.

Godmars2901929d ago

And until there are some results, be it day one or 3-5 or more years down the line, fanboys on both sides need to stop declaring winners. Especially when by on specs on paper one system is clearly lower rated than the other.

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CrimsonStar1929d ago (Edited 1929d ago )


zyphee1929d ago

The fact that I can pay 5 bucks extra a month to stream cable , kinect, and shitty specs that my grandmother wouldnt even use o yeah xbox one's a winner

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