Sony: PS4 is the most powerful gaming device ever conceived

The PlayStation 4 made its debut on UK soil this week, with Sony's retail partners and key press invited to a location in London to see the new console in action and play the new games.

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Need4Game2951d ago

The Games will decide how powerful the console is.
Let it play Fantasy JRPG bigger than Skrim, with airship.

pixelsword2951d ago (Edited 2951d ago )

Oh, please;

The Holosuite says "hi".


Adityac2951d ago

Wtf is happening to the N4G community these days.

pixelsword2951d ago (Edited 2951d ago )

lol c'mon...

have a sense of humor; I'm almost willing to say that out of all of those disagrees there's a PS4 fan stringing together clips comparing the PS4 to Star Trek's Holosuite as we speak.

Eddie201012950d ago


Just like Uncharted, Killzone and The Last of Us did on PS3. Only on Playstation, can't wait to see what Sony developers do on PS4.

abzdine2950d ago

Xbox One and PS4 are both next gen, but no one at this point should disagree with the fact that PS4 is the most powerful and first party titles will set new standards!

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TrevorPhillips2951d ago

Did you not see "The Crew" game coming to PS4. It's massive!

MrWonderful2951d ago

In the words of Ben Parker" with great power comes great responsibility"

Lior2951d ago

I think Nvidia will laugh their heads off with this statement

2951d ago
Dasteru2950d ago (Edited 2950d ago )


Explain how it is overpriced.

It is $299

Both the PSP and PS Vita were $299 at launch and the SHIELD is several times more powerful than the Vita, which currently is only $50 less and doesn't even have built in flash storage.

Seems to me you are just a typical butthurt Sony fanbrat who cannot handle potential competition, just because SHIELD isn't made by Sony you call it overpriced or garbage or a joke, etc, etc.

It's about time someone released a well spec'd, well priced gaming focused tablet with proper game controls.

Too bad the low IQ Sony fanbrats that infest N4G are unable to recognize a good thing, just because it is released by a company other than Sony.

GrandTheftZamboni2950d ago


Would Nvidia Shield cost the same as Vita if it was released at the same time as Vita?

Dasteru2950d ago


Probably not given the hardware in it would have been considered alot more advanced at the time, however, it isn't really relevant.

The Vita is still selling for $250 now, the SHIELD is only $50 more despite having much more powerful hardware, and 16GB of built in storage space. If Sony were to release a device identical to the SHIELD right now, it would likely cost $400.

GrandTheftZamboni2950d ago


Vita might drop by $50 when Shield is released. We can speculate how much it will be then. At least it deserves to sell for more because apparently Nvidia didn't invest (much) into aesthetics of their handheld. Not everybody cares about the looks, but some of us who do, understand that it cost money to design a good looking product.

sklorbit2950d ago


There is a reason nobody is talking about shield. It isnt a compelling device, and neither is the ps vita for that matter. Shield is going to fail and fade into obscurity

Come back to this comment after shield releases and tell me I was wrong, I would love to be... but i wont be.

Eddie201012950d ago (Edited 2950d ago )

@ dasturu

Both are probably overpriced for the handheld market.

As far as NS being more powerful than PS Vita there's nothing available that shows that its more powerful. There's really no big third party games for it. The few third party games that are available are mostly just cash grabs.

PS Vita not selling through the roof so I think the NS will sell even less.

Why do you assume it's Sony fanboys that are against it rather Microsoft fanboys I mean the NS Is a Google Android system.

Read post above.

Dasteru2950d ago


"Why do you assume it's Sony fanboys that are against it rather Microsoft fanboys"

Because N4G is notoriously pro Sony, the Sony fanboys outnumber MS fanboys like 100:1 on here.

Also this is the only site that i know of that constantly hates on the SHIELD, most other sites i have seen news about the SHIELD, there is near universal excitement for it. Hardly anyone on other sites ever says it is overpriced or that it will fail.

It isn't just the SHIELD either, i have been on N4G for probably 5+ years and it is very common for people to downplay anything that isn't a Sony product. It is nearly a national sport on this site, insult anything that isn't Sony, Praise everything that is and have "Well said" or "intelligent" bubbles handed out to you like candy. Free pass to 10-bubble land.

Eddie201012948d ago (Edited 2948d ago )


There are just as many MS fanboys on here, there just to darn narcissistic to know that they are fanboys. Some are just plain childish and stupid. Some just hate anything that is a Sony product, but they swear they are not fanboys.

I have own nearly every system including the Xbox, and Xbox 360. I was very gun ho about the Xbox and even was about the Xbox 360 in the beginning, but the media, the Xbox community, Microsoft themselves kinda soured my liking of them.

I'm a gamer not a fanboy, I own and play all the consoles and have two very decent PC's that I built and play lots of games on. I own a lot of games on all systems.

My dislike of one company that makes consoles does not make me a fanboy, nor does it make any other person who feels the same a fanboy. Nor do I think everyone has to feel the same way I do.

evenstar2948d ago

@Dasteru-- Low IQ Sony fanbrats? Do we have to resort to name calling when sharing our opinions? Way to classify all Sony players into one giant heap of incompetence. We have our preferences for gaming and you have your's and while I'll admit to SOME players being overly fanatical, it isn't all players and it certainly isn't just Sony players.. That's one of the major problems of this site.. lack of respect for each other's opinions, and each other.. and name calling.. Sounds like kindergarten BS to me...

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BullyMangler2950d ago

Sony: and how is this power of yours unique? <

please stop fooling kids into buying your console solely on "power" tactics . goombas

Ritsujun2950d ago

Oh look it's the bullcat again.

TotalHitman2950d ago

Type "Gaming device" in google and video game console will be at the top. NOT PC. PS4 is the most powerful gaming device ever conceived.

starchild2950d ago

Absurd. PCs play games and they are devices, so it is factually wrong to say that the PS4 is the most powerful gaming device ever conceived.

They should have said, "PS4 is the most powerful home console ever created" and then it would have been true.

TotalHitman2950d ago

@starchild, a console is or should be mostly dedicated to games. A PC (even a gaming PC) is still designed to do other tasks. A PC is like a phone. You don't consider it a portable gaming device, you consider it a phone.

showtimefolks2950d ago

And I believe Sony but it's been proven by 3rd party sources too that ps4 is more powerful. But it's nothing new Sony is known for making powerful consoles

Haters gonna hate but ps4 is designed by a developer for developer while keeping the gamer in mind. Cerny is a genius

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TrevorPhillips2951d ago

less than 5 months till the release of the beast, the juggernaut...the PlayStation 4! :)

webeblazing2951d ago

wait wont this happen every console gen. isnt this a pointless thing to say period. and a few year when they announce the next consoles wont this pop up again. gaming journalist are finding it harder and harder to find more interesting stories to write these days seem all they do is hype $h!t up.

Walker2951d ago (Edited 2951d ago )

8GB GDDR5 VRAM and over 50 percent more powerfull GPU FTW !

Supermax2951d ago

Unlimited power and know comes with lightning bolts comeing out your fingers every time you say unlimited power.

pixelsword2951d ago (Edited 2951d ago )

I'm having a little problem with what you wrote; are you:

*warning someone that saying "unlimited power" in respect to the PS4 that they should "know" that lightning will come from your fingers

*saying that "now" you have to have lightning bolts as a requirement to speaking about the PS4

*or are you addressing it like "no"; as if merely mentioning unlimited power in regards to the PS4's power automatically grants you lightning bolts?

RBlue_Desire2951d ago (Edited 2951d ago )

he was trying to quote palaptine in his own words.


Spontogical2951d ago (Edited 2951d ago )

PS4 is the most powerful gaming device ever conceived?

This was common knowledge on Feb 20th 2013.

Greatness Awaits - Long, Live, Play

EDIT: Console not device ;)