Entertainment Focus Review - The Last of Us review

The buzz surrounding The Last of Us has been nothing short of deafening in the lead-up to its release. The PS3 exclusive from Naughty Dog has been teased for months with gamers getting excited about what was being hailed as the ‘game of 2013’.

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SynestheticRoar1933d ago

My favorite game of the year. I hope it get GOTY because it deserves it.

Walker1933d ago

It will be G.O.T.Y for sure !

No_Limit1933d ago

Man, they are giving out 10s to this game like it is going out of style, deservingly so. I love this game! Hopefully it will sell a ton and we can get a sequel on PS4 soon.

awesomeperson1933d ago

I'm always worried about sequels to great games. There is just always so much hype surrounding them, that it's almost impossible for the developers to live up to what people expect.

That being said, I'ld love it if Naughty Dog could find a way to top The Last of Us, and I have no doubt that unless there is a radical shift in their company, they will continue delivering stellar titles.

KONAAs1933d ago

NG said they weren't going to do a sequel, i liked the ending,

Flying_Squirrel1933d ago

Have always been a 360 gamer but brought a 2nd hand PS3 for this game, took a couple of days off work and played it with no interruptions - was completely blown away by the story telling, voice acting and awesome graphics. Played it through again on New Game plus and found a few new areas that I missed the 1st time, had some very different battles on the 2nd play through as well - all in all, possibly the best games I have ever played.