First Look at Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze

Nintendo previously tried this crazy idea of putting Retro Studios into their Donkey Kong, and created the masterpiece of platforming called Donkey Kong Country Returns on the Wii. It was not only a return to a highly praised series by famed developer Rare during the SNES era, but a love letter to anyone who likes to jump on enemies and platforms. Retro proved they know how video games work, and why they're fun to play.

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sarshelyam1931d ago

Is this seriously only a digital release?

meganick1931d ago

Where did you hear this would be a digital-only release? It didn't say that in the article or any other article I've read about this game.

sarshelyam1930d ago

Thought that's what the Nintendo Direct had stated...eShop, with not particular mention to retail availability.

nintendofeed1930d ago

This is a release of a major Nintendo IP, I very much doubt they would go download only with this one just yet. Nintendo have neither officially confirmed this, so I believe it is purely a rumor.

1931d ago