Razer Doesn’t Make PlayStation Accessories Because Its Boss’ PS3 “Gathered a Lot of Dust”

The motto of the popular gaming accessory manufacturer Razer is “For Gamers. By Gamers”, and that catchphrase seems to apply also to the reason why they don’t make PlayStation accessories, despite the fact that they manufacture some of the best Xbox 360 controllers on the market.

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ShugaCane3496d ago

So they didn't make PS3 accessories because the guy only played Infamous and didn't want to play anything else after that ? But then they made 360 controllers ? I'm not convinced.

Abriael3496d ago (Edited 3496d ago )

Actually he said that now he's playing The Last of Us, so you never know, it might rekindle the flame.

Can only hope because I'd really like a razer fighting stick for the PS3.

ShugaCane3496d ago (Edited 3496d ago )

"I really like Infamous so hopefully I'll like Last of Us."

Or maybe he hasn't even started it yet lol. Anyway, there were tons of great games between Infamous and The Last of Us, his "haven't felt the need to go back to it" sounds weird, in my opinion. But I guess he found what he wanted elsewhere..

Abriael3496d ago

@KarmicDemon: oh I agree, but better late then never, no?

ShugaCane3496d ago

Yes of course, better late than never ! It's just that I was really expecting to read a more elaborate and valid explanation to why they didn't make PS3 accessories.

Abriael3496d ago

@KarmicDemon: to be 100% honest, though, it's somehow refreshing to hear someone saying bluntly "I'm not producing this because I don't care about it", instead of pulling up elaborate excuses.

May be just be.

IcyEyes3496d ago

Maybe he play only CoD on x360 ... he is a dudebro!
ps from his tweet he looks pretty dumb ...

jimbobwahey3496d ago

What a stupid man. The PS3 has sold just as many units as the Xbox 360, but due to that idiot the company missed out on potentially doubling their profits. Bravo!

pixelsword3496d ago

"I really like Infamous so hopefully I'll like Last of Us."

What does one thing have to do with the other?

No_Limit3496d ago (Edited 3496d ago )

Man, this is sure a head scratching headline. They didn't want to upset their boss, I guess. LOL

BattleAxe3496d ago

Razer's products look like cheap junk anyway. If this is how they make their business decisions, then investors should be worried.

WarThunder3496d ago (Edited 3496d ago )

Razer are not that good and they are overpriced...

There are better Accessories from other companies than Razer...

jadenkorri3495d ago

I really question a business who would ignore a 70 million user based cause the 'boss' don't play his console. I'm more than surprised he's managed to run a company.

timl2413495d ago

Do you guys know why his PS3 gathered dust? Because it sucks. Maybe it was the fact that he got hacked, or it could be the last update he got that rendered it useless. Who knows..

Timesplitter143495d ago (Edited 3495d ago )

to be honest I don't care at all whether Razer makes Playstation peripherals or not. I'm not a huge fan of the brand.

I do have a Razer mouse for my PC, which I really enjoy, but everytime I think about Razer I picture a fat kid eating doritos and mountain dew at his computer in a dark basement.

Dunno why.
I don't like Razer

solidjun53495d ago

"Who knows."
I know you're a fanboy.

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husomc3496d ago

he should just have come out and said that he didn't make ps3 accessories coz from his research only xbox fans spent boat loads of money on useless accessories

sentury1113496d ago

I don't have their gamepad, but it's on my to buy list. Last time I looked it up it was sold out. Probably not anymore I'll have to check.

But don't claim something is useless just because you haven't used it or know nothing of its features. They make great gamepads from friends I have spoken to and online reviews.

I'm not going to bother listing the added benefits, but look it up and see what you are missing out on.

medman3496d ago

The only noteworthy thing I gleaned from this article is the man is obviously no gaming fanatic, because many of the best games of this generation have appeared exclusively on the PS3. Case closed.

jadenkorri3495d ago

This has nothing to do with exclusives, I've look at razors stuff and it looks interesting, some I would might actually want, considering my taped up broken, but still sound and mic working turtle beach headset. Would I buy from them, no, not at this point. To have such an ignorant viewpoint is retarded. Too ignore a whole user base of 70 million plus cause the boss thinks it 'collects dust'. If you can't run a proper business, how can I trust you make a good product.

Syntax-Error3496d ago

Basically saying he doesn't support a product if it doesn't excite him. I understand. How many people would actually drink Gatorade of the cover athletes said "I don't actually drink this crap" You have to agree with the product you endorse.

pixelsword3496d ago (Edited 3496d ago )

But the athletes don't make the Gatorade, the company does; so any business with sense would get their product in as many houses as they can.

I dunno, that business doesn't make sense, which is probably why I don't know offhand what their product actually is.

Syntax-Error3496d ago

You missed the point. The point is...WHY SUPPORT SOMETHING YOU DONT BELIEVE IN

Rainstorm813495d ago

Because it can potentially double your customer base..........if I sell gaming accessories I want my product in the hands of as many gamers as possible regardless of my beliefs

At the end of the day what I believe could be wrong...but the numbers don't lie

Soldierone3495d ago

So you are saying Microsoft paid them, but as far as we know they didn't.

So this is like someone coming out and making Powerade water bottles, and Dasani Bottles, and every brand except for Gatorade. Why did they skip Gatorade? Oh because they don't like it. Gatorade would be a massive boost to this fake company, but since they don't like it they skipped it. Gatorade would openly accept the bottles and there would be no issues for them to do it, but they don't like Gatorade.

It's an absolutely stupid decision. Not only that, how many people did he just tick off with these statements? Yet another stupid idea on his behalf. Now within a month or so we will get a "let me clarify" aka "let me kiss your arse so we get our sales back."

Gameratheart3495d ago (Edited 3495d ago )

No, that would be more like the boss of Gatorade saying he's not going to release grape flavored Gatorade because he doesn't like the flavor... It's not about what the boss likes, it's about what the potential customers may like.... The idea of running a company is to sell as much product, to as many people as possible, to make as much money as possible.... By cutting out 50% of the market because the boss doesn't play playstation is the stupidest thing I've ever heard.... This idiot should get canned, ASAP, so they can worry about what customers want, not if the boss will buy one.... Wow, how stupid.

pixelsword3495d ago (Edited 3495d ago )

@ Synthax:

I didn't miss your point, your point doesn't make sense:

If I had a collar that both cat and dog owners could use but I refused to sell them to cat owners because I liked dogs better and publicly declared such, while mildly insulting cat owners what I just said is "don't invest in my business because I'm a one-hit wonder; furthermore, when I do decide sell to cat owners, don't buy my product".

Just like how Ninja Theory sold 2 million+ of Heavenly Sword which was considered a success nowadays, People wonder why their next game flopped:

A. Take a 360 exclusive and bring it over to the PS3, piss off 360 owners

B. Insult PS3 owners after they buy your game and saying you'll never work for their console again, piss off PS3 owners.

C. Work for the PS3 again with a game that has inferior graphics than it's predecessor and sell that game to both groups you pissed-off.

D Scratch head after wondering why neither group warmed-up to your next game.

The only thing that'll really bring PS3 owners back is the next installation of Heavenly Sword, which I think they're working on now. It should be announced at CES; and if not, it should be announced within a year.

Syntax-Error3493d ago (Edited 3493d ago )

Soldierone - Where in any off my posts did I say MICROSOFT PAID THEM? Cut/Paste the part where you read that!!!!!

Pixel - None of that had anything to do with Ninja Theory's disappointments. Heaveny Sword was a launch title and 2 million for a launch title is terrible especially when there was no real competition. Resistance also was a launch title that was canceled because of lackluster sales on PS3. Enslaved was good, but wasn't received properly because of marketing and publicity. People said it kept being compared to Uncharted and was considered a knock off. The story was good, but the sales had nothing to do with NJ as a developer. Fans of HS even asked NJ to make a sequel so no one was pissed at them for making an xbox 360 except maybe YOU. DMC was hammered because Capcom handed the game to NJ to develop. NOTHING ELSE. They got a backlash when they changed Dante's appearance, so take your side assumptions somewhere else.

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kevnb3496d ago (Edited 3496d ago )

Razer is more a PC accessory company guys, it just happens that 360 controllers work on PC. I doubt they will suddenly have a big part in console accessories.

hellvaguy3495d ago (Edited 3495d ago )

" it just happens that 360 controllers work on PC"

Just gotta say, that doesn't just magically happen. The controllers were designed to work on the pc as well.

shutUpAndTakeMyMoney3496d ago

who cares?? less money for him lol he is an idiot then.

Don't like infamous wont make controllaz me mad lol

MYSTERIO3603496d ago

I really don't care given that the ps4 controller is awesome already.

madpuppy3496d ago

Microsoft had a previous deal with Razer to make MS branded Razer products Like the Microsoft Habu. Knowing MS, they probably made a back door deal (which is a standard MS tactic)
to keep Razer from producing controllers for the PlayStation brand.

I know I will get disagrees but, all the telltale signs are there, A previous relationship with MS and a flimsy, far fetched reason why they don't support PlayStation.

hellvaguy3495d ago

"Knowing MS, they probably made a back door deal (which is a standard MS tactic)"

Ironic when Sony makes exclusive deals, it's them showing "love" and in no way are they ever to be considered selfish.

madpuppy3495d ago


the difference is when you make an "exclusive deal", that tends to be a good thing for your product and you advertise them. A back door deal tends to be a deal made in secret directly meant to destabilize the competition (Sony) and get customers to view them in a bad light by a third party claiming (Razer) independently made the decision not to support (The Playstation) because the are flawed in some way EG: "no good games, or low quality products" in their opinion.

The back door deal usually involves some sort of compensation to persuade the company (Razor) to not expand their market toward the deal makers (MS) competition (PS).
It tends to be a long term tactic that attempts to chip away at the desirability of the company being targeted. and can be considered an anti-trust violation.

MTEC83496d ago

I like this guy, blunt and straight to the point. He don't like the ps3, his opinion. He won't make something just for profit, end of story.

TheUndertaker853496d ago

Uh... Isn't that what they're already doing as a company? Making products for profit? >.>

papashango3496d ago (Edited 3496d ago )

Good products end up making a profit.

Doesn't mean a product made for profit is good.

There is a difference and some companies do believe in that mindset. Don't bash the guy because he's not waving your flag. He came out and was straight to the point. No backpedaling or sidestepping.

madpuppy3494d ago (Edited 3494d ago )

There is absolutely nothing wrong with the PS3 or the games on it. The excuse that Min-Liang Tan uses is not an unbiased observation or rooted in any real solid foundation. I really find it hard to believe that the CEO of a for-profit organization would be a so called "fanboy" at the detriment of increasing profits by not expanding into an untapped market unless he has been given some incentive not to.

This is a classic MS back door move, (have 3rd parties claim that there is no interest or there is something wrong with a competitors product to create doubt in consumers minds)

The beauty of this is the unobservant or the bleeding heart fanboy will accept this at face value without taking into consideration the history of the two companies and documented history of MS using this and many other borderline illegal tactics throughout the years.

showtimefolks3495d ago

People who hate on ps3 don't like games I guess but ps3 has games for every kind of gamer

assdan3495d ago

Yeah, if this is true. The boss of razer is kind of the worst business man ever.

3495d ago
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Alexious3496d ago

Pathetic. I bet he'll hop onto Xbox One , which certainly isn't "For Gamers, By Gamers", while he seems to know nothing about PS4 if he didn't acknowledge the change of course.

Syntax-Error3496d ago (Edited 3496d ago )

So when was PS4 "FOR GAMERS BY GAMERS?" Sony is a company that is run by executives...not gamers. In case you missed the memo, Sony dropped the PS EYE to beat Microsoft's price point and they were the ones discussing DRM over a year ago. So read before you speak. If Sony was about gamers, why was the PS3 $600 at launch and dropped 2 more times that year? What happened to the fanboys that bought a launch console and watched the price drop $200 within months? Is that how GAMERS do other GAMERS?

jimbobwahey3496d ago

Actually he's right, game developers actually work at Sony and in case you missed it, one of the most respected developers in the industry has been in charge of the design of the PS4 system architecture.

It's the same at Nintendo too, game developers run the show there such as Iwata and Miyamoto.

The only company out of the big three that has suits calling the shots instead of people who make games is Microsoft.

joeorc3496d ago (Edited 3496d ago )

100% agreement

"Actually he's right, game developers actually work at Sony and in case you missed it, one of the most respected developers in the industry has been in charge of the design of the PS4 system architecture.

It's the same at Nintendo too, game developers run the show there such as Iwata and Miyamoto.

The only company out of the big three that has suits calling the shots instead of people who make games is Microsoft."

this is a fact, the reason being all the first founders you know the people that created the core concept of the xbox project, and pitched the entire design and core concept of the xbox as a platform to bill gates..Ed fries, robbie etc. all 10+ exec's are now no longer @ microsoft

now @Syntax-Error you may want to check out this yourself but these founders of the xbox platform in fact are no longer there @ microsoft.

this is not being a fanboy this is the blunt truth of the matter.

ED fries: Left after 18 year's over at Microsoft help create the xbox platform.

Robbie j Bach now [former Microsoft executive]

Ray Ozzie [now gone]

Peter Molyneux Hall of fame just like Mark Cerny

Also now Gone!

Nat Brown one of the [xbox founder's] Gone

as a matter of fact

Kevin Bachus [yet another founder of the xbox project gone]

Seamus Blackley [yet another founder of the xbox project gone]

Ted Hase and Otto Berkes [both founder's of the xbox project and now both are gone]

J Allard

the key people that help create the xbox project and made a pitch to bill gates, all loved Gaming and Were Gamer's at heart, all now no longer with the Xbox Project. look at both Nintendo and Sony's core people in key positions to keep hard core gaming in a front and center focus for their companies. They both has not lost this Many of the people who founded the principle and development of a game console for Gamer's.

Ed Fries quits Microsoft before Xbox 360 makes its debut

why did Ed Leave?

listen close as to his reason's

Take heed of 13:20 into the video and all the way up to the 20 min + mark listen to him

DragonKnight3496d ago

@Syntax-Error: Wow are you wrong.

"So when was PS4 "FOR GAMERS BY GAMERS?"

Since developers have been praising it since February. Where have you been? Here's a google link so that you can find your own article without any bias from me.

"Sony dropped the PS EYE to beat Microsoft's price point."



"they were the ones discussing DRM over a year ago."


"If Sony was about gamers, why was the PS3 $600 at launch and dropped 2 more times that year?"

Fanboy argument from 7 years ago indicating no actual argument valid to the present.

"What happened to the fanboys that bought a launch console and watched the price drop $200 within months?"

They got the best version of the PS3 with all of the hardware features intact including 4 USB ports, various card reader ports, and full backwards compatibility.

But you know, let's pretend it's 2006 and not 2013.

hellvaguy3495d ago

the website is for sony gamers, by sony gamers. not really hard to see that.

Rainstorm813495d ago

Lol @ hellvaguy

So the many facts above just don't exist?

I swear some of you Sony haters are like matter what Sony does within gaming, you guys will still hate any and everything they do.

Then y'all have the nerve to flip the situation like y'all are victims of big bad Sony favored N4G......

Hey prefer your gaming platform of choice...but don't let blind hatred get in the way of FACTS

PSN_ZeroOnyx3495d ago

Sony dropped the PS EYE to beat Microsoft's price point and they were the ones discussing DRM over a year ago. So read before you speak.

Read the links provided by Dragonknight before you speak, ignorance must be bliss.

Thank you @dragonknight for providing the links.

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kevnb3496d ago

Ya since Xbox controllers work on PC probably will at first. It's all about PC equipment for these guys, Xbox controllers work on PC. Maybe they will try making a ps4 controller, but it will probably just fail.

devwan3496d ago (Edited 3496d ago )

Well it looks like there's still room for a premium xbone controller as the one they're shipping isn't all that much better than the 360 pad according to much of the reporting, whereas improving on the ps4 pad might actually take a lot of effort given the amazing reception it has received.

Angeljuice3496d ago

I'm going to start a car tuning company with the motto "by fast drivers for fast drivers", but I'll only tune MG F's, because thats what I drive/s.
What a moron.

Wintersun6163496d ago

It's pathetic if you ask me. The boss' bias and preference shouldn't dictate what platform they make their devices for. This guy is just an ass.