Wii Karaoke U app brings pay-by-hour harmonies to Europe in 2013

Nintendo of Europe announced this year's upcoming release of Wii Karaoke U by Joysound, a downloadable karaoke streaming service for the Wii U console.

Originally released as a WiiUWare launch title in Japan, Wii Karaoke U offers unlimited, all-access streaming during time-limited sessions. Players can opt to purchase playtime in one-hour, one-day, or month-long chunks, depending on how large a party you're hosting and how many times your friends want to sing the Evangelion theme song in a single night.

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stragomccloud2021d ago

I want this soooooooooooooooooo bad!!!!

PopRocks3592021d ago

Hmm. A F2P karaoke game on Wii U. I'm not entirely against this idea. I wonder what the song library will be.

stragomccloud2020d ago

If it's like the other Japanese versions, it has the entire joysound library which has tons of Japanese, English, and Korean songs. Sometimes Chinese songs too. The base game includes a small track list of about 50 or so; however, you can pay for a night for maybe $10, or a few months for $20. It's a really great price, because when I go to karaoke boxes here in America, my friends and I end up spending 10-20 each for just one night. Not even including the cost of drinks and such.

Ninte2021d ago

Lol this is going to be so bad, better not spill any alcohol on the wii u

stragomccloud2020d ago

I once had to retire a Wii remote because I or one of my friends spilled beer and it got inside the controller.

2020d ago