1UP: Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots Preview - 'It was truly a surreal, unprecedented experience'

1UP writes: "In March 2008, Konami invited 16 lucky game journalists to its corporate retreat in the sleepy mountain village of Nasu, Japan to play through Hideo Kojima's long awaited PlayStation 3 opus, Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots. Given the intense veil of secrecy that has shrouded the game since its announcement in 2005, this remote setting felt weirdly appropriate: We spent our days soldiering through the game at Konami's onsite office (imagine: a Bond villain's lair crossed with a Zen garden, stocked with an endless supply of canned coffee and whipped cream sandwiches) and retired to the adjacent Konami resort hotel (imagine: The Shining's Overlook, but with relaxing volcanic hot springs in lieu of bloody elevators) to eat, sleep, and babble incoherently about the mind-blowing things we'd seen and done.

Four weeks after I watched its credits roll (well, most of them anyway...some things even we weren't allowed to see), MGS4 still occupies a considerable amount of my mindshare. Trust me, there's a tremendous amount of game to process here...and while the chance to pen a carefully controlled preview on its first hour might seem like an excellent opportunity, it almost feels like a disservice to the title Kojima and Co. have produced. This game deserves a thesis, not a moment-by-moment walkthrough of what you'll be experiencing yourself come June 12. So if you're a MGS fan who's already sold on this game, I suggest avoiding any and all media that drops between now and its launch. The surprises it has in store for you simply shouldn't be spoiled. But if you're still teetering on the edge, wondering if MGS4 is truly worth it...keep reading."

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sonarus4250d ago (Edited 4250d ago )

This was the impression i really wanted to hear. Lets see how many gears of war comparisons 1up can muster into this.

Edit: WOW none. I was actually surprised to not hear at least 1 comparison. Anyway i really need to stop reading these impressions i will spoil the game for myself:(.

@Alcohog to be fair gears is considered by most including me to be the first true next gen game. Actually i would give that to the first Ghost Recon on 360. Then gears, unless gears came first can't remember. Anyways gears was really a stand out game when it came out but 1up compares way too many games to gears. Its just sad.

TheHater4250d ago true. 1UP compare every game to GEARS OF WAR

Alcohog4250d ago

I'm so sick of it. Gears has long been trumped in terms of graphics. The game is over a year old for Christ's sake!

GiantEnemyCrab4250d ago

That's because it is that good!

Big Jim4250d ago

I'm suprised to hear that there were no Gears comparisons what with 1up being in bed with microsoft and all. But I'm glad they didn't put MGS4 down by comparing it with the blurry mess that was Gears. I'm guessing Shane B. wrote this article.

MrBii4250d ago

This is confirmed by IGN and GamePro 'hands on MGS4 previews'. They both said that this game looks TONS better than GoW1.

rexor07174249d ago

Uncharted comparison if anything. That is such a better looking game than Gears. Gears had its time.

Omegasyde4249d ago

GOW was a great game and came really close to beating Elder Scrolls 4 for 2006 game of the year.

Gears multi was tactical yet it wasn't overran with campers.

Gears single player was pretty good, and the ending was enjoyable.

However, the graphics were great at the time. I don't know why people compare graphics to the game, since Even Mark Rein president of Epic studios himself said Unreal 3 (ps3 and PC) had better graphics.

So if anything, 1up would be a bunch of hypocrites if they did compare graphics with GeOW before comparing to Unreal Tournament 3. I will admit the single player storyline in Unreal Tournament 3 blows monkey fromunda cheese in comparison to the single player expirience in GeOW.

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jwatt4250d ago

"If you're accustomed to MGS enemies offering little in the way of A.I. surprises, these ladies will leap, flank, and grenade you to oblivion. You'll certainly have to master some new tactics to deal with this menace, but they're far from being considered "bosses." When the game's ready to start throwing actual bosses at you, you'll be floored."

OMG it's officially on, I ready for MGS4!

sonarus4250d ago

I tried not to read the whole thing. Don't need any unnecessary info but glad for the AI upgrade

HighDefinition4250d ago

I was going to quote that exact same section, you just did.

bubbles for you.

Denges4250d ago

you watch

after all thats said and done.. they will give it an 8.9

THC CELL4250d ago

if they give this a 8.9 halo should be 5.5 and gears should be 6.0

cmrbe4250d ago

but honestly. Even if this game has zero hype or no one else likes it this game is still mine. I believe in Kojima and his vision for this game. He has never let me down and i doubt he ever will.

sonarus4250d ago

not everyone feels the same way.

cmrbe4250d ago

i have been gaming for more than 20 years. Game reviews and hype really has very little influence on games that i buy. Perhaps that makes me different from most. Devs that i know that deliver and types of games that i like generally are tow of the most important factors influencing the games i buy. Not game reviews and certainly not hype. Before these articles by gamepro,IGN and 1up there is no question in my mind that MGS4 is going to be Epic in every way because i know Kojima like Insomniac, ND and Santa Monica delivers for me.

GiantEnemyCrab4250d ago

Don't take any lessons from that Decapitor guy and change the article title to add drama.

The original story title:

"Previews: Metal Gear Solid 4
War has changed...can you?"

You already suck IMO for posting all those stupid vgchartz, congratulations on finding a way to suck harder.

gambare4250d ago

baby monster crappy got angry cuz MGS4 not coming to the threefixme? awww

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