Colin McRae: DIRT On PS3.

He's getting a bit long in the tooth now, is old Colin, and it's been two years now since the last game bearing his name. He's not even that good at rally driving anymore. And yet, much like the Tony Hawk games, Colin McRae rally titles are pretty much guaranteed to be high quality.

Take those weird 2D crowds - they've been dumped and replaced with fully animated 3D spectators that react to the way you drive. Expect to see them cheer and holler as you powerslide past them or lose interest in you altogether if you're too slow...

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calderra4470d ago

Yeah, these screenshots are TOTALLY from real gameplay. [/sarcasm] I don't care what system this game comes out on... I don't really care about Rally titles anymore. There's just nothing there.

If I want arcade racing, I'll pick up Project Gotham (TONS of cars, custom tracks, garages, great online features, Geometry Wars). If I want simulation, I'll pick up Forza (TONNES of cars, crazy customization, deep Career mode).

If I pick up rally games, what do I get? Not so many cars. Not so much customization. No stand-out career or online features. Even if I had a huge urge to have to do some rally racing, there's probably going to be as many rally tracks in the next Forza (and Turismo) as there are in this whole game. Sssssoooo.... what would I want this game for?

TheMART4471d ago

It'll be on the world most powerfull console indeed also, the 360.

Nice screenshots though

Siesser4470d ago

I think it's being developed on PS3 and then ported to 360.

DC RID3R4470d ago

it's a pity sony couldn't AFFORD to keep the game engine exclusive (hehe). would have made a cool "EXCLUSIVE" for the pissoff3!!

DJ4470d ago

they co-developed the engine with Codemasters and had no problem with the development team wanting to make a version of the engine for the 360 as well. Sony helped the team make a multiplatform engine, which goes to show that they actually do have respect for their competitors.

Marriot VP4470d ago

dj, if they had respect than they wouldn't of said all those dozens of abnoxious and arrogant statements.

A multiplatform engine could of been built so Sony didn't get a 360 port. Bottomline is YOU DON'T KNOW.

DJ4469d ago

So I don't expect you to say anything negative about them. Getting pissed just because the company you hate has been market leader for 11 or so years is pitiful.

"A multiplatform engine could [have] been built so [that] Sony [wouldn't] get a 360 port." Sorry about the editing, but your grammar was killing me.

That statement, however, is correct. Sony doesn't care about developers taking advantage of the 360 (since it is less than half the power); instead they're worried that devs won't take advantage of the PS3 hardware. Their goal right now is to help out devs with their engines and make sure that the PS3 is being pushed, even on multiplatform titles. Normally publishers don't care about funding developers desires to so, so it's up to Sony. Scrivener already talked about this a while back, saying that the fruits of their labor won't be seen for another year but that it is happening. They saw what happened with the Xbox last generation so it was a bit of a wakeup call.

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shoota334471d ago

haha according to everyone with a brain ps3 is the most powerful console on earth you mindless fanboy.

specialguest4471d ago

these screens look better than MotorStorm in my opinion. i was never really hyped up about MotorStorm like some people were. the question is; which game has better gameplay?

TheMART4471d ago

So gametime as you probably know the spec's of the RSX then explain to me how strong it is. I am curious

Tut4471d ago


Here is a link with opinions from very intelligent people. Threads like this happen often and end in the same result.

Many people have told you it won't matter. Is it that you just don't listen well, are completely stubborn, or you are that desperate to find as many things possible that you can that MIGHT make a console (XBox 360 in your case) look better?

Read the article and do us all a favor and let it rest. You beat dead horse topics until they are fully decomposed. Give it a rest.

joemutt4471d ago

Tut says read this article, and gives you a link to thats just priceless.

Hey tut here is an article about how th 360 is more powerful, click the link:

Antan4470d ago

YYAAYYYYY !!!!!! Mart mentioned the RSX specs thing again!!! hooray for Mart!!! .....zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

sparco4470d ago (Edited 4470d ago )

Antan your a d!ck. Tut, ur a fool. And TheMart, you're actually right. No one knows the specs of the RSX so he has every right to bring it up. If you know them, please prove the mart wrong by giving us a link. Btw, Tut, about the link you gave, the people that have posted on that are actually saying the 360 GPU can actually out perform the ps3's gpu.

Tut4470d ago (Edited 4470d ago )

Joe I know for a fact you didn't even read that forum topic. If you did, you would have known that both a PS3 fan and XBox 360 fan both said that specs mean jack diddly on paper. That thread didn't defend either side of your childish battle.

I linked those forums because there are intelligent people there that post regularly, unlike here. If you open your mind you can find useful information in even the most strangest of places and circumstances. God forbid you get smarter.

Next time I advise you click the link and actually read something before bashing it. It makes you seem lazy and idiotic.

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