Game Guys review - Time & Eternity

The NIS America published JRPG Time & Eternity is a fairly unique video game. The game features visuals that are not only hand drawn, but also hand animated. Furthermore, it features a strong dual-female lead where the princess saves the prince. Unfortunately, being fairly unique doesn't mean it's fairly good - which it's not.

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fsfsxii1928d ago

Gonna pick this up very soon

Tuxmask551928d ago

This game's been getting slammed in the reviews. Too bad, too. The art style had me wanting to give it a go. I might still via GameFly.

Xer0_SiN1928d ago

49/100!! wow. is that the census on this game or this guy just being weird. this game HAD me piqued.

SactoGamer1928d ago

This game's been getting anywhere from a 1/5 (a 20 on our scale) and 7.5/10 (a 75 for us).

Son_Lee1928d ago

This game is good. Battle system is very fun, but things take a while to develop. Exploring is done on a 2D plane which is very weird. Y'all will see my review when it's posted.