Screenshots of Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate Collector’s Edition Costumes for its sexy fighters

Tecmo Koei has released several screenshots showing off the exclusive costumes that will be available in the Collector’s Edition of Dead or Alive 5 Ultimate.

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PositiveEmotions1933d ago

They should put a girl completely naked

house1933d ago

might as well im mean damn there like a trip away from that as is! lol

MikeyDucati11933d ago

I feel like a Barry White song should be on while I click through the pictures...

Inception1933d ago

Wait, how the hell my Lei-Fang got small boobs?! Last time i checked, she got the same size as Kasumi / Ayane :(

Hicken1933d ago

The last I played- admittedly, back on like DOA3- Lei-Fang had the smallest breasts on the roster. She may not be smallest anymore, but she's definitely not on the level of Kasumi or Ayane.

Inception1933d ago

In DoA Dimension, i thought she had the same size with Kasumi / Ayane. Hm, maybe my eyes playing tricks on me XD

Btw, at the disagree on my 1st post:
Jeez guys, take it easy will you? I'll promise to never say 'my Lei Fang' or 'Lei Fang had small boobs' again in here, ok? :P

badvlad1933d ago

give me some lotion for the motion

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The story is too old to be commented.