The Last of Us Video Review I Play Legit

"Mo Chocolate Reviews The Last of us. How does this Zombie game stand up against the rest of the pack?" -Play Legit

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Ezz20131931d ago

447 review ?! 0_o

is it me or this is the most reviewed game this gen ?!

brodychet1931d ago

That's because it's possibly the greatest game, this gen.

I literally Love this game.

1931d ago
TheFallenAngel1931d ago

I should be thrown in jail for not buying this game. It's a crime but I'm broke for now hopefully soon though.

1931d ago
VsAssassin1930d ago

Uhm the weapon sway can be updated as opposed to what the reviewer just mentioned. Once you maxed out the weapon sway, you can easily aim at enemies with little to no sways.