Call of Duty Has No Support for their "Hardcore" Players

Many gamers that have been long time Call of Duty fans have played countless hours of multiplayer, stayed home from work or school, paid for multiple DLC packs only to be ignored by the developers on a constant basis.

Black Ops 2 Vengance DLC pack launched earlier this week on Xbox LIVE and of course they give the "Core" crowd the proper playlist to enjoy the new maps that they just spent $15 bucks on. For the gamers who would rather play the Hardcore playlist they have to wait for the maps to show up in rotation to enjoy them...

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UNGR1934d ago

It never did, how is this shocking?

SouthClaw1934d ago

Agreed i honestly do not understand what Treyarchs problem is with playlists this year. Look at MW3 with IW every game mode pretty much had a hardcore playlist. That was at the end of the games life so that does take into count the sub-playlists for people with different map packs. Its stupid. They got rid of HC Free for all a game mode which a lot of people really liked. For the billions of $ these games bring in I would expect better variety in the playlists.