CNN: 5 reasons the Xbox One will dominate

Microsoft has a lot of work to do in the court of gamers' opinions when it comes to the Xbox One, which launches in November for $500. The company has flip-flopped with its controversial features that would have limited used game playback, eliminated game rentals and prevented gamers from playing games offline.

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KillrateOmega2763d ago (Edited 2763d ago )

1) Halo

I wanted to argue against this point as a whole, but I really can't. However...

"...Steven Spielberg is developing a live action Halo TV series for Xbox Live based on the sci-fi franchise. This is the type of "killer app" that both hardcore and more mainstream gamers will invest in a new console for."

No. Just no.

2) Kinect

"This bundle is important as publishers and developers will be more apt to support the device, something that has been lacking on the 360."

Fair enough, but will people be interested? Kinect is still largely considered an unfavorable gimmick and I've yet to see a game truly take advantage of the technology.

That, and the fact that Kinect is what's making the Xbox One the more expensive console, makes this more of a negative than a positive, imo. Like, seriously, have you seen the fuss that people have been raising over Kinect?

3) Titanfall

Yet again, fair enough; however, this is EA we're talking here, so it may very well end up being available on the PS4 after a year or two.

4) Smartglass


5) TV

Yeah, sure, because I'm so stoked about being able to watch TV on my GAMING console. A console that requires a separate cable box to even properly utilize its TV functionality.

Seriously, what is up with people and TV now? I'm a gamer, I don't even watch TV anymore! I get all my entertainment and news through websites.

TV? Honestly...
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iGAM3R-VIII2763d ago

It states that the X1 is more powerful than the PS4 which it actually isn't.

It says because the X1 has TV it will dominate, I am sorry but I guess Rogers and Bell or Time Warner are in the gaming console race as well. You also need cable to watch TV.

To add they said SmartGlass is also a reason, this isn't true because I barely use it. I find it decent but it isn't really all that good

KillrateOmega2763d ago

"To add they said SmartGlass is also a reason, this isn't true because I barely use it. I find it decent but it isn't really all that good."

Exactly. It's a nice feature, but it doesn't carry enough weight or hype behind it in order to be deserving as a reason why the Xbox One might dominate the competition.

kneon2763d ago

Getting an XB1 for Tv would be a downgrade as my cable box already does more.

M-M2763d ago

Kinect is a dumb gimmick when used with the Xbox, but I've seen people do some cool things with it when used on a PC.

ZombieKiller2762d ago

Why is this article even posted on n4g in the first place? I understand being able to voice your opinion, but this is coming from CNN. Getting your gaming news from these guys is like buying a diet coke with a happy meal to watch your weight. Defeats the purpose of its existence. Yeah it might be news, but these guys dont know shit about gaming.

ThanatosDMC2762d ago

MS needs to give out more $$$$$ to the media to get better PR news than this article.

MurDocINC2762d ago

Yea wtf is CNN doing here?
They spread fear that gamers are serial killers/schoolshooters, giving all of us bad rep. They should be ban from n4g along with the rest of mass media.

WolfOfDarkness2762d ago (Edited 2762d ago )

Agree with you , as I said it so many times , Microsoft aggressively will market there Xbox one , seeing that article on CNN explains it all , I am sure PS4 and Xbox One will be powerful Consoles with Graphics quality , both of them will success ... BUT the fact is this " PS4 will sell more , PS4 is 30% is more powerful on papers "

In that article somthing I can't understand , how is $500 console with less graphical power will dominate the gaming ?

In my country PS4 pre orders has started ! And Xbox one nowhere to be seen .

Love these articles really , it's mean there will be Gaming war " Competitions Is Healthy " we will enjoy the best gaming in many many years .... We have to pay extra money though ....

Silly Mammo2762d ago

Hey! If Fox News can have stories about how video games are the single biggest reason for the destruction of this once great nation (USA!), then why can't CNN extol the virtues of the Xbone?

Tr10wn2762d ago

Cloud Computing begs to differ but that is something very complicated and its yet to be seen but if its true it will be more powerful than the PS4 it just obvious facts, it can even keep the console up to date long after its release 3 or 4 years after, i'm waiting for destiny which is the only decent game i seen on next gen (Console only) apart of the division to make my choice but if X1 delivers with Cloud Computing that'll be my next console.

UltraNova2762d ago

This is ridiculous MS...keep paying the American media and maybe just maybe you'll save what's left of Xbox 1...

I respected the fact that they tried to do something different (despite screwing everyone, but this is what MS does rememberer?)and in a week they did an 180 on most of what they tried to do losing face and their remaining credibility.

The question is will you ever trust them again?

timl2412762d ago

So it's a bad thing the Xbox One has more features? The Xbox One CAN do everything the PS4 can do, don't care what anyone says, it is true. The HDMI in port in the back is really just a bonus. Sure, I could buy a PS4 and get a gaming console. But why would I when I can buy an Xb1 that is a gaming console AND has all the other features as well. Plus Kinect is going to get a killer in the future. For all of you that don't know, look up IllumiRoom. That is something that will be in the future but it will be something that only the Xbox has.

Heartnet2762d ago

dude Ms are trying to make it more than a gaming console! which is why u gamers fail to see ther eaosn why it will dominate!

Casual gamers by far outnumber hardcore gamers and alot of the features cater to that market...

you try to make out that Xbox is only for gaming like the ps4 when its so much more than that.. right now its like an 80-20 split between casual and hardcore id venture

The_Con-Sept2762d ago (Edited 2762d ago )

"TEH POWUR OF TEH COWD!" Did everyone forget that the cloud is an online server based solid state high dynamic range cluster that only works if you have an internet connection? Sounds like people in America will be the only ones to see said cloud service on xb1. Sort of sad when it comes to Canada users and people in Mexico. Basically xb1 was built with only online American gamers in mind. Pretty much Microsoft is forcing you to buy into this for something far more sinister.

Silly Mammo2761d ago

@timl241- the phrase "Jack of all Trades, a Master of None" comes to mind.

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sAVAge_bEaST2763d ago (Edited 2763d ago )

nice, my thoughts exactly,, also on the note of Halo, being a point.. 2001 called, they want their IP back.

ape0072763d ago (Edited 2763d ago )

halo 4 sold more than 8 million copies

lol @ the disagrees, someone people are hallucinating

theWB272763d ago

I answered that call, then 2012 and 13 called. They said Halo 4 broke the 24 hour sells record that Halo 3 set with over 200million bucks in sells. To date, Halo 4 has sold over 8 million copies since November.

More than the whole Killzone franchise since it's existence.

gamertk4212763d ago

Killzone, huh? Never heard of it.

OrangePowerz2763d ago

At the Halo fans above. And each CoD game still sells hugely more on any console. There are like 5 CoD games that sold a lot more on 360. One CoD game across all platforms sells more then all Halo games combined. What does that tell us in regards to quality of the games?

nirwanda2763d ago

by your reckoning Cod is the pinical of quality.
As it's sold more than most other franchises.

ProjectSeoul2762d ago

@Orange - If I'm reading your comment correctly,you're saying that CoD is a better game than Halo, because CoD sells more. Sorry, I'm going to go into a different room and laugh about this.

OmniSlashPT2762d ago

Halo 4 sold 8 million copies? So? To get completely humilliated by indie games in award ceremonies? Lost GOTY to a episodical series and 2h game? Halo is not the powerhouse it once was, the game is good, it sells, but its momentum has passed.

gaffyh2762d ago

Wii Sports sold 81 million units, although that's a little unfair because it was bundled. Wii Sports Resort sold 31 million units.

Wii Sports Resort is better than Halo 4 I guess...

Gamer19822762d ago

Halo 4 sold 8 million and Uncharted 3 sold over 6 million. We know theres gonna be an uncharted on PS4. Considering Xbox is the goto console for shooters Uncharteds sales are more impressive as no genre stands out more on PS4. The game is just better and so Halos numbers certainly doesn't mean the Xbox will dominate not one bit. Oh and Halo sold 8 million? Call of duty sold 13 million on 360 just to put that in perspective. Halo is NOT the dominant game on Xbox in fact its not even the dominant FPS or shooter game on the console.

Oh and did you know Halo 3 sold nearly 12 million copys? That's a drop of 4 million users. The series is degrading and fans are getting sick of it while stocks of series like Battlefield and other 3rd party games are on the rise.

ThanatosDMC2762d ago

Wii Sports is the bestest game ever!

Vaud-Villian2762d ago

Gotta love the logic in these posts That sales numbers don't equal quality in games but they do in hardware. Please, pick a rally card before you make the Microsoft flip flopping look amateur hour.

truthteller2762d ago


so sorry no one understood you.
He said that commercial success of a game isn't linked to the quality of the game and put CoD as an example. Angry Birds is another. Games like those and Halo are paradise for mainstream audience which is 90% X360 owners.

The_Con-Sept2762d ago

Halo is the only reason to buy the adbox one80.

Everything else stinks in comparison unless you are cod or battlefield on 360. Enough said. Buy a 500 dollar machine just to play one game? No. Not this time. Meanwhile PS4 pre orders are 170 vs xb1 at 29. Even at 6th avenue the numbers are in the same percentage ranks. (80 vs 11)

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ape0072763d ago (Edited 2763d ago )


if u ditch your sony genes and think rationally for a moment, you'll find that the xbox one is more of a complete device than the ps4. FACT

i know it might be a hard pill to swallow but try :)

KillrateOmega2763d ago (Edited 2763d ago )

If you ditch your idiocy for a moment, you'll find that the PS4 offers a more powerful gaming console for less money.


I know it might be a hard pill to swallow, so don't even bother trying to swallow it. Instead, just shove it up your, what I'm sure is a, well-fisted ass.

*Also, I'm assuming you mean 'jeans', not genes. Genes are molecular units of genetic heredity and are impossible to ditch.

Godmars2902763d ago

You're solely basing that "fact" on the TV aspect, you know - or should know - that right?

The PS4 has at least one gigabyte of RAM going for it, more than likely two, a faster processor, and really most important of all several experienced 1st party development houses behind it. Meanwhile when MS possessed the technical advantage - twice - they squandered it to largely leave game development in 3rd party hands.

Jaqen_Hghar2763d ago (Edited 2763d ago )

hah! A man thinks not. Gaming=PS4 more capable with 50% more powerful GPU (the most important part) and more RAM for gaming that is better for gaming. CPU is a wash. TV=Xbox can use voice control to switch. A man can press a button and switch inputs to his cable input faster than he can yell out to watch TV so he doesn't see the benefits. Sony has all the apps Xbox does and then some and not behind a paywall. Games=PS4 wins with 20 exclusives to Xbox's 15 and more proven studios. Price=PS4 wins with superior tech even with camera included. Sony wins clean sweep.

ThanatosDMC2762d ago

360 = short term support
Xbone = short term support

PS3 = long term
PS4 = long term

Vaud-Villian2762d ago

And you are basing this on the Xbox? It seems to be the only example to support your assumption. Which is yes, an assumption.

Jazz41082762d ago (Edited 2762d ago )

Its still good to have halo and cod and destiny and battelefield and titangall and dead rising 3 all on the one system. Plus many more and i believe the cloud ms has spe t 16billion dollars on will enhance better expediences. I do nope ms bring back some of its digital features. I would like to have me and my bf be able to pay on xbox live account instead of two. Many things to find out.

Heartnet2762d ago

I love al ur replys :L


I agree Xbox1 offers so much more... People dont just play games all day every day and graphics dont = good gameplay im afraid... I cud make the most realistic game ever and put in a dreadful story? unplayable... i put the best story in a game with bad graphics.. Cult Classic instantly..

The_Con-Sept2762d ago

A box of features that I don't want. Over 40% of us gamers do not watch regular programming because 80% is about deaths. Even the news only reports deaths and disasters. Why even bother? Sports? Who is in court now? Last I remember a bronco was killed in Denver.

Bye tv. 2008 is calling you.

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OrangePowerz2763d ago

I will watch the Halo series via online streaming on PC :) The game itself could be good, not sure I want to buy an X1 to play it.

Kinect sold over 20million and that wasn't an incentive? The X1 will take a while until the console numbers will be over 20 million and how much do you want to spend making Kinect features on a low install base at the start that you don't know if it will be used or not? Just because it comes with a camera doesn't mean people want to use it or buy Kinect games.

Not sure about Titanfall yet, it looks like CoD with Mechs. If there is any FPS so far I'm interested in it's Destiny.

I find smartglass for gaming cumbersome when you are in the game like Dead Rising 3. If I'm surounded by Zombies I dont want to go and look for my smartphone or tablet, launch the app and call an air strike if that is something I could do a lot easier on the console itself. Having those devices unlocked in normal mode instead of standby uses a lot of the battery for a feature to use occasionally. Also Sony already also announced some smartphone/tablet connectivity and they also have Vita that you xould actually use as a substitute controller with a touchscreen.

As for TV, well I mainly watch streaming now via netflix or recorded programms on my TV box and I'm not so lazy that I can't press a button the remote. I dont even want to go into the details of having an extra device turned on with it's attached accessory draining electricity if I could do that just as well without turning those things on.

extermin8or2762d ago

To you and everyone else mentioning destiny (mainly everyone else) PS has exclusive FREE content from launch plus all the dlc's early-now the latter isn't a reason to buy one console over another nor even is the first however or can be added to the list as a reason why to get a ps4 over and xb1 and could tip the scales for some people :p.

OrangePowerz2761d ago (Edited 2761d ago )

I didn`t say anything about Destiny being a selling point for the PS4, I simply said that Destiny is the only FPS for next gen that was shown so far that I`m actually interested in compared to Titanfall, CoD and BF4.

Godmars2902763d ago

Given that its CNN, a cable network, more than a few of their stockholders have probably been sold on the initial ideas of XB1. Namely the revitalization of cable viewing. In otherwords they're pushing an agenda.

Still think that MS lack of general accessibility is going to wind up hurting them just like its done damage to them before the XB1 has even been launched.

KillrateOmega2763d ago (Edited 2763d ago )

Yeah. I know, right?

"Still think that MS lack of general accessibility is going to wind up hurting them just like its done damage to them before the XB1 has even been launched."

Kind of why I've decided to get the Xbox One about 2 years or so after launch.

Not that I don't have the money to buy both right off the bat, but I just want to sit back and see where MS takes the One before I commit to dropping the money on it.

Aceman182763d ago

wow CNN way to get both sides arguing with each other. so they've written two flamebait articles over the last two days one for each system.

also what the hell does CNN know about gaming?

awi59512763d ago

WELL SINCE THIS WHOLE SITE IS THE WORLD WIDE Headquarters OF THE SDF. JUST LOOK at all the comments on this page its easy to see why this is the SDF world wide headquarters.

Major_Glitch2762d ago

You must be new to n4g. This site used to be filled with nothing but, "teh ps3 is doomed!" articles. Btw, you can cry and belittle the "SDF" all you want, but that doesn't change the fact that the PS4 is STILL more powerful than the Xboxone.

crazyeightz2762d ago


Actually I'm new here to n4g for about a week and so far from reading just the comments and the biased agree and disagreements I can say that this site is predominantly 95% filled with PS fanboys.

extermin8or2762d ago

@crazyeight see people keep seeing this buy the thing is until recently the site was predominantly Sony hate articles and releases... So although the comments may seem to be biased either a)they appear that way because most commentors are just the ones who defend the hate and think rationally thus skewing the overall site. 2) most of what theyve been saying is intact true?

awi59512762d ago (Edited 2762d ago )


Been here since 2007 not new at all.

And i dont really care at all if the ps4 is more powerful i dumped consoles when xbox raised xbox live prices and now ps3 is doing the same lol. Im pc all the way sold all my consoles like 2 years ago and built me a new gaming pc. Ive never been happier i really did miss all the mods and free dlc.

Cant wait untill witcher 3 comes out and microsoft and sony both charge for all the free dlc that CDproject makes for their game that will start a major crap storm.

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ProjectSeoul2762d ago

To be fair with the TV feature. I think the Kinect allows you to chat with your friends while watching TV. It doesn't mean shit to you, but for people who like sports, such as myself, I like this feature because it allows you to talk to your friends while watching the game, or even a TV show.

Is it really needed? I dont think so, but it's a nice thing to have to be honest.

andibandit2762d ago

Hadnt even thought about that, nice point. Even better tho with video chat it allows me to do my victory dance when my team scores against my friends team.

G20WLY2762d ago (Edited 2762d ago )

Did you know the PS3 does this? I've had 'PlayTV' for about 5 years. It's just a tiny £30 box you plug your arial through to and there are no charges thereafter.

They brought it out before freeview was built into TVs and did an update that allows people to chat live during the TV show, with text overlaying the lefthand side of the TV picture.

It was quite fun for a while, but the regular users soon faded away and nobody uses it anymore, sadly. It was a neat idea though.

TheGrimReaper00112762d ago

I just liked for your palmface =P

Pope_Kaz_Hirai_II2762d ago

Such a funny article it ACTUALLY named all the reasons i DONT WANT an xbone , especially tv and titanfall which are just unappealing, games like titanfall are a dime a dozen it didnt impress me one bit.

Firan2762d ago

Funny how some people view Titanfall as another generic FPS game and then believe Killzone is something special.

Their view would most likely very different if it was announced for PS3/4.

Khronikos2762d ago

I think most people realize that GG is a GFX powerhouse and that is where the admiration comes from along with stellar multiplayer in KZ2.

ratchet4262762d ago

This is just a CNN 'fluff' piece to grab some page hits. The very next article (conveniently linked at the end of the Xbone article) is the flip-side fluff piece on how the PS4 will dominate the next gen: "5 reasons the Playstation 4 will crush the competition"


harbie2762d ago

Honestly this is what happened:

CNN HQ << MS Money Bag Drop

OCEANGROWNKUSH2762d ago (Edited 2762d ago )

Funny thing about that Halo TV show is it will be on the Torrent sites within an hour of premiering just like everything else... Do they honestly think this is a console seller??

andibandit2762d ago

No, but it might get more people interested in halo.

avengers19782762d ago

I guess CNN doesn't watch the Internet or pay attention to pre orders, XB1 has a long way to go to dominate anything

andibandit2762d ago

Uhm....i think that gamers like you and I, arent the target of this article, or even make out 15% of the target market. Mainstream consumers dont give a rats a$$, about preorders. Theyll see a product that catches their interest, read a few reviews, and then make a decision

Realplaya2762d ago (Edited 2762d ago )

This will sound crazy but I have never played Halo so it won't sway me.
The Wii U has a nice little TV switching Feature but there's no built in cable box. TBH I just hit input and arrow up to game and then I switch back by hitting last. There is no lag and it takes a second.

Titanfall is good I liked it.

Kinect I always viewed that as whack and still do.

Smartshield hmn lets see when it comes to second screen implementation it'll be Nintendo in first place because the controller is built fom the ground up, The vita second because Sony has put the effort to into making it a viable option and the smart screen dead last because there are two devices that are not compatible from day one. A iphone 5 processor is different from a galaxy note II.

Oh yeah and the price point for me is a turnoff I am not made of money.

miDnIghtEr20C_SfF2762d ago

I'm sure as long as MS wins the USA again like it did this generation.... it will be just fine. Hold a strong second in Europe, and win the USA again... Not bad at all.

Still find it funny Sony fans talk about sales, yet exclude the biggest market in that World.. the USA. We are the biggest. And the USA is the most important place for your game to be big and sell well.

Major_Glitch2762d ago
Sorry to burst your bubble, but the xbox DID NOT win the US last gen. In fact, the xbox didn't win anything this gen. The PS3 sold more, the PS3 had the better exclusives, and the PS3 didn't have a 50% fail rate. And before you call me a fan boy, not only do I own a PS3, but I also own a 360 and a WII.

Jazz41082762d ago

The article glich is refering to is tbat sony caught ms at the end in world wide sales. Xbox360 still has sony by multi millions in the usa sales and im sure UK. Ms has won us by a landslide according to those very same charts wben you switch to usa.

Rhythmattic2762d ago (Edited 2762d ago )

"Still find it funny Sony fans talk about sales, yet exclude the biggest market in that World.. the USA"

America, F*&k Yeah !