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Platform games have not changed much during its long history. Games are still quite familiar to players, regardless of some innovations that will appear along the way. If you think all the titles of this genre begin by teaching us to use something that will be the main mechanics of the game and then after a few levels a new element is added and continues to be the same until the end of the game. This is also true in many other genres, but is most common in games of this genre.

Element4l try to change things up a bit. Not revolutionizes but is different enough there are not many that compare well with the concept. In Element4l not directly control one character, only their transformations. We will then indirectly control a bubble that can not move or jump or anything we are accustomed. For this we need to control your element. Early on we learn to transform us into ice and then rock and fire. These four elements are what we can change to bring the character from beginning to end of each level.

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