The Double Fine Kickstarter Fiasco is Not a Big Deal

Ever since Tim Schafer announced earlier this week that his once-beloved Kickstarter project is in need of more money, the online gaming community has been pretty upset. Gamers Association editor Nick Cane, though, can't quite figure out why, arguing that there's no real reason to be angry.

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PopRocks3591934d ago

While it does harm some of the confidence consumers may have with Kickstarter funding, it just boils down to one thing; Double Fine is made of people and people make mistakes. This was not an easy situation given the kind of game DF wanted to make and I honestly think they made the best possible decision they could have.

They're still getting the game out, they're still going to get the game to everyone who earned it through backing; I don't think needing more funding to create a bigger experience is worth getting upset at them over.