411mania - The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt Preview

411mania - During the tail end of my E3 excursion this year, the last game I got to check out was The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. CD Projekt Red showed us the special behind-closed-doors, hands-off demo preview of the game. Wild Hunt marks the first entry in the franchise to be featured on a PlayStation console, which makes me especially excited. Projekt Red is marketing this as the "final chapter" in The Witcher saga as well. The Witcher 3 looks like it will offer a massive, immersive, and epic medieval fantasy gaming experience unlike anything we've ever seen before. In this new adventure, the Nilfgaard Empire has invaded and taken over the Northern Kingdoms. Approximately six months have passed since the events of the second game. The early part of the demo showcased a cinematic of a village under siege and what appears to be a dark force in the sky, an eerie flying longship. This dark force is apparently the deadly, tyrannical threat called the Wild Hunt.

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Foolsjoker1958d ago

I hope the console versions don't suck.