Why DLC is About to Ruin Gaming


"It all started with horse armor. Fanatical RPG fans had been playing Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion to death, and they wanted more. While the developers promised more missions, more realms and more adventure, they had something in mind to hold players over in the meantime: Horse armor. Yes, now you could bling out your pony with all manner of shiny plate mail, because you aren't rolling in style until your mount glistens in the sun. But this stuff wasn't being given away; you had to pay for it, and not with gold from the game, with real money (well, as close as Microsoft Points come to being real money)."

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cain1413941d ago

I refused to buy that horse armor. I don't know anyone who actually did pay for that. It's nuts that they would expect money for something so trivial

alcaponedya3941d ago

the more you pay via DLC or microtransactions, the bigger the breasts of the female protagonist or whom ever you play as.

*goes patent idea*

mikeslemonade3941d ago

Do not buy the DLC because Take 2 obviously had the time to put the content in the final game because they're are already talking about it. You're part of the problem if you buy this DLC. Rockband content is okay, COD4 is okay because they weren't discussing DLC before release, but if you're already talking about content like a year before release then you don't deserve the money.

sonarus3941d ago

I have nothing against DLC personally, it gives a game legs. But when people(**cough cough microsoft**) start saying i can't play the FULL game without DLC i will have to pay for at a later date then i have a problem.

mikeslemonade3941d ago

I said do not buy "the" DLC. Meaning i was referring specifically towards take 2's DLC. I'm only for DLC that is orchestrated correctly.

MicroDeath SoftStar3941d ago

Its getting worse by the year , dev just keep making games shorter so they can screw us over with DLC.
I remember buying COD3 map pack but almost never having anyone to play with. After that i refused to pay for a single bit of DLC. MS are pretty much the kings of this sort of BS pushing Devs to charge for all kinds garbage but sony are catching up.

Nevers3940d ago (Edited 3940d ago )

Well... cuz we'll never pay one amount for a truly finished product ever again. Now that they have started the precedent, they will nickle and dime us to death. As if $60 wasn't enough... or $120 in other countries.

... but to address the horse armor. It was damn useful in the beginning for me cuz those expensive horses would attack at the stupidest times and die. Of course it really shoulda been included on the game disc.

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toughNAME3941d ago

I'm so surprised Microsoft hasn't bought Take Two and/or Rockstar yet

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Eromu3941d ago

Seriously, there is no chance Microsoft could ever buy Sony.

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sonarus3941d ago

lol damn it 41 mins to late to have fun with you guys lol

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Breakfast3941d ago (Edited 3941d ago )

lol...thats pretty funny.


Gold of the highest caliber that was. I can imagine the smile on your face when you wrote it.

TheTerminator3941d ago

because i mention MS has its very own criticism article means im a wiki fanboy?

PirateThom3940d ago

It's ridiculous that anyone thinks Microsoft could afford to buy Sony.

Sony are a huge company, it's neither feasible nor finacially sound for Microsoft to buy a company like Sony when they're only competing in one sector (and working together in dozens more).

Nevers3940d ago

... but I really wish the mods could/would move your arguments over there. If you can't see why stuff is deleted, then you don't know what is inappropriate for this zone. Oh well I bet there was blood.

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Breakfast3941d ago

lol....that horse armour is so popular. I might buy just to see what the hype is about.

Breakfast3941d ago it was a joke.

Once i beat Oblivion in 110 hours. I took the disc out the console and vowed to never play it again lol.

Harry1903941d ago

those companies are permanently on the lookout
to find ways to get even more money for something
you already paid for.if it's free,only then
shall i not complain.

aubradley3941d ago

So I spend $60, and then they want me to give them $30 more just to play the stuff that's already on the disc... nice that they get you coming and going.

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