Why Nintendo's Satoru Iwata refuses to lay off staff

Polygon: "Many game companies cut their staff numbers to save costs, or reassure investors, but Nintendo chief Satoru Iwata says that's a strategy he won't be using."

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Saints941933d ago

Sounds like a good thing to do since people do need a job at time like these. It is debatable that it is the "right" thing to do.

Gimmemorebubblez1933d ago

Its the right thing to do morally but not the right thing to business wise. I think Iwata knows that other people should not pay for the mistakes him and other execs have made. Just shows he is not an ice-cold man in a suit.

SonyKong641933d ago

I love how it's acceptable for business to have zero responsibility on a morale level. Rape the planet, rape the people, it's just business..

N4GDgAPc1933d ago

If Micheal Pach is correct in one of his vids it said Nintendo had alot of money that they could fail the next 2 or 3 consoles and still be ok. Not sure if thats correct or not but if thats true they don't need to lay off people now because they got enough money to keep them.

TongkatAli1933d ago (Edited 1933d ago )


Nintendo rating in environmental safety.

Quoted from the article.

"Nintendo remains in last place with a pitiful 0.8 points out of 10, scoring zero on all e-waste criteria"

"Among other console makers, Sony showed improvement, while Microsoft regressed, according to Greenpeace. The organization dinged MS for poor handling of e-waste"

Sorry bro, i found your comment ironic cause Nintendo is literally raping our ozone layer with other shitty anti green companies.

Enigma_20991933d ago


And what the f** does this have to with Iwata and the article?

N4GDgAPc1933d ago


That was all the way back in 2009. I bet by now they fixed that after a rating like that.

TongkatAli1933d ago (Edited 1933d ago )

SonyKong said "Rape the planet" I just found it ironic cause Nintendo is good to their employees true, props, they're professional and very classy.

Come on! With a score like that from Greenpeace they did a 180 and we also have no proof of the 180 or proof Nintendo is doing a 180, Its the way the console is being manufactured and not at all about how much electricity its using.

Come on! Noone is finding it at least a little funny that Pikachu is helping the end of the world X D It was worth it, seriously.

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just-joe1932d ago

Especially since Japan has been in a recession for years.

hano1932d ago

It is the right thing to do. For the short term you can save some 'costs'.

In the long term, you are fucking up what makes your company what it is. Nintendo has always been profitable so no need to panic and fuck up the company because you can't stand up to your board as a CEO.

Kevlar0091933d ago

I'm not sure it's the people under him that are the reason for their recent problems

jc485731933d ago

honestly, this is the first time I ever heard of a company not laying people off.

CrimsonStar1933d ago

That's Good Guy Nintendo for you .

JonahNL1933d ago

I'm not surprised. Remember, Iwata also cut his salary in half to compensate for the poor launch of the 3DS and cover the expenses.

animegamingnerd1933d ago

this is pretty much why i respect iwata more then most CEO'S in this industry

maniacmayhem1933d ago

Good job Iwata, I wish more companies would follow your lead.

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