New Elder Scrolls Online dev video shows new monsters, first-person camera

A short new development video from the team behind the Elder Scrolls Online teases us with yet another glimpse at how combat looks from a first-person perspective in the upcoming MMORPG. Released this week by developers Zenimax Online Studios, the video introduces the Kwama, a monster sure to torment us all—in first or third-person view—when the game launches next year.
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1934d ago
FRAKISTAN1934d ago

Guys i have a question, if someone knows anything about it.

Elder Scrolls online is coming for PS4 as well,will the PS plus service cover the monthly subscription of a mmorpg as well?

Detoxx1934d ago

Don't think so.. It's like saying: 'I pay for my internet so I dont have to pay a monthly fee for WOW"