Military FPS: Are They Boosting Military Recruitment?

For long-term gamers, stalking around like some kind of perfectly equipped military commando possessing marksmanship skills that would make Stephen Segal jealous and killing each other in first person is something we’ve enjoyed for decades.

Something happened with modern consoles though. Maybe it was Call of Duty and Battlefield being great games, or maybe it was Microsoft’s marketing machine, but first person shooters somehow became more accessible to the masses.

In the early millennium, a savvy senior recruitment officer in the US Army spotted an opportunity to start connecting with those FPS adoring masses. That’s when the militarily funded it’s first person shooter, and America’s Army, was born.

Collaborations with the Pentagon

Back in 1999 US Army was short of its recruitment targets by over 6,000 soldiers and promptly pumped $2.2 billion into the recruitment drive. It wasn’t long before they started focusing their attention and their budgets on...

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