God of War: Ascension: 11 Multiplayer DLC Weapons Unlocked Until Sunday

Champions, your incredible patience for our upcoming 1v1 “Bout of Honor” mode has not gone unnoticed, and will be fulfilled in short order this month.
This week, bring some Olympus style fireworks to the God of War: Ascension Arena with our Arsenal of the Gods Preview Extravaganza! We are unlocking our entire arsenal of available DLC weapons for a free extended preview in-game.

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Rhezin1982d ago

Meh. Release some single player content.

Mounce1982d ago

Sounds like you're promoting developers to release Incomplete single player campaigns....

Don't do that....MP DLC, fine.

SP DLC? No, and fuck off to the companies that do that. You should buy the game and have the WHOLE STORY, from start to finish in the purchase. SP Content is never needed.

BiggCMan1982d ago (Edited 1982d ago )

You must have never experience Borderlands DLC, Fallout or Elder Scrolls DLC etc.. You are hugely mistaken there. Though with God of War specifically, I will agree with you, but to say it's NEVER needed it vastly untrue.


Mounce1982d ago

True 'nuff.

But those games alone are basically the only exception, why majority cases would lean towards my original comment. Not too many games outside of those would truly benefit from Extra content.

Sorta like say, if MGS games got 'extra content' for after you beat the game, wouldn't make sense. Fallout, Borderlands, Elderscrolls and GTA all share one thing in common and that is that it's not Linear. So - Summed in much more precision?

No single player game should ever get DLC unless it's a Non-linear story. If it's linear I'd doubt it'd be anything good.

WeskerChildReborned1982d ago

SP DLC is usually an extension to the already complete story.

BiggCMan1982d ago

YEA GO AHEAD AND POST IT THE DAY IT EXPIRES!!! -________- Damn man, I only started the game yesterday for the very first time and wasn't planning on playing multiplayer until I beat it. I'm a third of the way through now and it's freaking INCREDIBLE! No idea what the reviewers were thinking, this game is much better than mere 7's and 8's so far. I played the multiplayer beta last year and absolutely loved it. I can only imagine it being better than ever in the full game.

nick3091982d ago

They approved my submission 4 days later,blame who allowed it.

BiggCMan1982d ago

No worries, wasn't being hateful.

IIC0mPLeXII1982d ago

lol no one plays God Of War MP.

Dumbass Devs.

BiggCMan1982d ago

You don't play a certain game = everyone else doesn't play it either.

The logic of today.

IIC0mPLeXII1982d ago

Tact on horseshit = waste of time

= combat used game sales = profit?

fsfsxii1982d ago

He went the swearing route, proves that he's weak.
Man, i can't believe that morons like you have extended their reach to N4G

MikeyDucati11982d ago

Spartans move towards victory!!!!

chrispseuphoria1982d ago

I wish Sony Santa Monica made some new All-Stars content instead of this...

Omar911982d ago

nah I actually want them to start making a sequel to all stars and make it how all stars 1 should have been.