Final Fantasy is Dead - There Will Never Be a Final Fantasy 7 Remake

Ever since Square Enix first started to strut it's stuff graphically with Final Fantasy 10, fans have called out for a remake of Final Fantasy 7. The epic game, arguably the most popular in the Final Fantasy series, has been exploited with movies and spin-offs. Developers have even teased fans with a remade cutscene to show off the capabilities for the PS3. It is things like this that had previously kept hope alive. However, with statements from Square Enix over the past few years, hope has been officially crushed for a remake of Final Fantasy 7 or any other of their games.

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nick3092024d ago

Remaking a ps1 game from scratch is way more harder and expensive than ps2 hd remasters, heck at least ff x& x 2 are getting reworked, and kh .. Cant wait

Need4Game2024d ago

Get FF7 steam version sold 20 million copies and Secure a Remake !

2024d ago
Heartnet2024d ago


Not every1 here condones piracy :)

Spinal2023d ago

I'm just waiting for the iOS version then I will finally play FF7. I was more of an Ocarina of Time kind of guy and it still remains to be one of my fav RPGs of all time.

rainslacker2023d ago

I personally still have the game on disc, and I brought the PSN version a while back to play on Vita. I could play the disc version in an emulator and while probably not technically legal, it's not really piracy of the game.

I'm very much a retro gamer, so the need for prettier graphics was never high on my list. I still prefer FF8/9.

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bart22782024d ago

Remaking a ps1 game from scratch to be a ps4 game is like...making a ps4 game. It is no harder than making any other game

Rynocirator2024d ago

Voice acting costs for all dialog (which remember there is quite a bit), actually rewriting some of the story because of the plot holes (something there's quite a bit of, which people don't realize), rewriting an engine that will support turn based (Luminous engine will be the graphics engine, not the gameplay engine and will most likely support action combat over turned based at first so if they even keep turn based they will have to rewrite a lot), the fact that it will be so different from the original that people will hate it and it might not sell after people review it, and the fact that the only thing they can do is copy and paste number values. The cost adds up man. Besides 5 and 6 deserve a remake before 7 does. Even if just a ds remake.

bart22782024d ago

Here's my mentality: Square cannot fuck up anymore than they already have. Yes it is going to cost a lot of money to remake 7 and to me that is fine they have had enough time to get feedback on how they should remake the game. I do agree about 6 needing a remake. It deserves one more than any other remake Square is working on right now.

iamtehpwn2024d ago

*watches Final Fantasy XV trailer again*
I don't know, it looks plenty alive to me.

JackVagina2024d ago

WTF? Why all the disagrees? :(

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ghostrider322024d ago

Yep without Hinorobu, Final Fantasy is nothing.

Gameatholon2024d ago

He's very talented, I will give you that, but he's just one man.

MWH2024d ago

one man who can make a world of difference.

wishingW3L2024d ago (Edited 2024d ago )

he was mostly a producer after FFV but he did much more than that. He helped in writing the stories and directing the games too. If he didn't like something then that was out of the question, the Team had to remove it.

And the best thing of all. He hated Toriyama. Not really hated him but he often rejected his ideas. Because the truth is that Toriyama is a mediocre developer infatuated with waifus.

filipakos2024d ago

without nomura you mean

young7yang2024d ago

I am sick of hearing about how great final fantasy 7 is. I personally never finished the game. I was side tracked with Panzer dragoon saga. Final fantasy 7 is the most over rated game in the franchise. VI, IX, X, XII and even XIII-2 are far better games. with VI and XIII taking the cake.

demonsoul2024d ago (Edited 2024d ago )

Name me some Protagonists and Villains more badass and made major impact more than Cloud,Sepiroth,Zack,TIfa,Aeirt h,Genesis, Angeal and Company and we will talk :)

TheOneWhoIsTornApart2024d ago (Edited 2024d ago )

@Demonsoul: You forgot Red XIII but i agree 100 percent. I know you said "and company" but come on. Red deserves to be name dropped:)

filipakos2024d ago

ff10 has some interesting protagonists cant say the same for the villains too

Firan2024d ago (Edited 2024d ago )

Nothing is better than Zack. Cloud was cool in FFVII but got ruined in later appearances.

Rynocirator2024d ago

Final Fantasy VI, Locke, Terra, Sabin, Edgar, Cyan, Gau, Setzer, Kefka, Shadow they all have more depth than any character in ff7, fact! Final Fantasy 7 is overrated. I think every character is not even 2D. They are all so boring and lifeless. Crisis Core is much better than 7.

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N4GDgAPc2024d ago

I think its funny when someone doesn't like the game they almost always say "the most over rated game". Yes you hated the game but how can it be over rated if its one of the top best games from many fans out there? That doesn't sound over rated to me. I hate halo but I can recognize how many people love the game. I know its not over rated because I know I'm just the minority. Just like you.

filipakos2024d ago

I didnt like ff7 so much too but i fucking loved ff7 crisis core.I played it after 7 so it was a whole fucked up experience knowing he dies and sephiroth turns bad and also cloud the useless bastard that woke up in the end of the game

Blastoise2024d ago

Nah, it was awesome for it's time. And still holds up well today gameplay and storywise.

XIII and XIII-2 don't even come slightly close, at all.

There's a reason it's considered the best JRPG of all time by a lot of people you know. Nobody is ever going to say that about XIII lol

AsunaYuukiTheFlash2024d ago (Edited 2024d ago )

You lost your credibility the moment you mention FF XIII-2 is better than Final Fantasy VII. /smh

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