GameSpot reviews Universe at War: Earth Assault

Universe at War absolutely bursts with interesting units and neat twists on genre standbys. It's hard to not appreciate a real-time strategy game that lets you outfit hulking robotic walkers the way you want and send them into battle. Yet despite its awesome mechanical arachnids, the game gets in its own way by failing to fix some obvious problems present in the PC version, as well as adding a major one of its own: namely, a frame rate that dips frequently into the single digits. In a genre that relies on quick thinking and smooth command of the battlefield, it's an inexcusable issue. Throw in some smaller bugs, and you have an entertaining game that squandered its own enormous potential with terrible quality assurance.

The Good
* Exceptionally varied factions make for some unusual and fun battles
* Conquer the World mode is highly engaging
* Big, lumbering mechanical walkers with lasers.

The Bad
* Awful frame-rate drops and other technical problems
* Quirky controls issues
* Some mediocre missions and poor storytelling drag down the campaign.

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