Zombies, Women & Citizen Kane: Last of Us Makers Defend Their Game

Kotaku - The Last of Us is one of the most critically acclaimed big-budget games of the last year. All the same, it's gotten its fair share of criticism. Is it too difficult? Too much like a movie? Are female characters relegated to the sidelines? And why the heck aren't they just called zombies? I took these common complaints to the game's creators.

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ZodTheRipper1984d ago (Edited 1984d ago )

You know a game is good when it sparks this kind of conversations.

KillrateOmega1984d ago


It means that it's done a very good job of getting people's attention.

hulk_bash19871984d ago (Edited 1984d ago )

The game is, in my opinion, as close to perfect as it gets. I loved playing through every minute of it. And seeing the game through to it's bleek yet beautiful end was on the greatest gaming moments I've ever experienced. Thank you Naughty Dog for creating such an experience.

Ezz20131984d ago (Edited 1984d ago )

Defend it ?!

Mr_Nuts1984d ago (Edited 1984d ago )

The only thing I found weird is that there wasn't a single female hunter.

I mean even an all female hunter gang, theres so many hunter groups we come across in the game. Hunters are just a name given to a group of people like that so I don't understand why we didn't see one.

This isn't a "females should have equal rights" bullcrap speech, it's more of a "Were they too scared to show female hunters because of the violent ways Joel can take the enemies out". So it's fine for males to be shown getting a brick/shotgun to the face but a female it's a big no no.

The guy in this article has a point, I have the artbook and it DOES show female enemies.

dktxx21984d ago

Also, I wish the hunter's were more diverse. They all looked like common street thugs. They were supposed to be normal people just trying to get by, who were only "hunters" because they had to be.

Adolph Fitler1984d ago

They do not need to defend the game. It is entertainment, which puts it in the art category, which means, just like everything in life, it's subjective, opinion based, & up to each & every individuals tastes.

Where it becomes more apparent that this is a brilliant piece of software, is in the fact that soooo many people rate it sooooo highly (including me).
The only people unable to admit how brilliant the game is, are the ones that hate Sony that much, that they don't want there machine to get games this good, & in the same category, but a sub-division of it, is the fanboys of other consoles that are butthurt that ND aren't putting it's "masterpieces" out on there machines of choice......and the rest that don't like the game, are just plain stupid & have turdish gaming tastes.
Simple as that, as when a game is scoring so highly across the boards it usually means it is a pretty good game, yet, when it is a game made exclusively for a Sony console & the gaming media all have nothing but good to say, that means it must really be an astonishingly great game, we all know the ones who the gaming media hate most are Sony. They can barely buy good press.