Nintendo Announces New Ugly Type Pokemon

Hardcore Gamer: I feel weird criticizing Nintendo for lazily designed Pokemon these last couple of generations, especially when their first generation included Pokemon that were a seal creature named Seel and a mime Pokemon named Mr. Mime, but at least those didn't look absolutely ridiculous

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majiebeast1990d ago

Its a new sub type equipment pokemon.

Relientk771990d ago

I actually kinda like that Honedge Pokemon

TekoIie1990d ago

Same here. The only pokemon I've ever had an issue with was Vanilluxe:

His design IMO seemed like they were getting desperate.

I think Honedge looks awesome though! Steel/Ghost type sounds pretty cool too. Cant wait to catch it and see if it can be competitive :)

X-Alchemist1990d ago (Edited 1990d ago )

...I like it, i'll nickname it shanks

Lucky7s1990d ago

The design is, in my opinion, perfectly fine...
I just don't understand Pokemon "fans" these days I guess.


I agree. I think pokemon is one of the few fandoms where people actively pick apart everything new and call it terrible. I for one love Honedge, And I will name one Excalibur.

AWBrawler1989d ago

they act like all the first gen were so dang cool looking. ditto looks like some damn gum and tangela is a ball of vines. hell seel is a damn seal, and who the hell thinks metapod looks cool?

Benji-Ninja1990d ago

Dude, it's a sword that unsheathes itself in battle. That's freakin' awesome. It's ghost and steel a lethal new combination and swords is a perfectly logical choice for a region based on Europe where old/enchanted swords are part of the mythos.

This thing is awesome! I can't wait to have this in my party, I bet it has a super cool evolution.

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The story is too old to be commented.