The Problems I Have With The PS Vita

CGUK Writes:

"As time has shown, games consoles can be quite amazing pieces of technology; however, the systems' flaws are generally covered-up by the media and in their place is praise towards the positives of the console in question. With regard to Sony's 2012-born portable gaming device, the Playstation Vita, the system has received a crossfire of praise and criticism from critics and gamers alike. With this in mind I decided to share my honest opinion of what I dislike about this console, 1 year after I bought my own."

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bothebo1933d ago

I don't think it has enough software to get people to buy and stay on the system. In the end, this indie crap needs to go away because it provides little to no content to the system.

Cam9771933d ago

Although I didn't state this in the article I have to agree with you. The reason for its absense is due to it being a heavily opinion-based "flaw" - larger than any of the issues addressed in the article - so I left it out. Some may like this but I, for one, didnt buy the Vita for games I can play on my phone. There are good games coming to the Vita but there aren't enough. All I can think of that appeals to me is Killzone, if I didn't have an incredible PS1 backlog I'd be hugely disappointed.

The Vita needs a system-seller. GRAND THEFT AUTO would do it, much like the 'Stories' games which sold the PSP to some people back in '05; it's exactly what the Vita needs. I've 100% complete the PSP GTA games and really want more!

Come on Rockstar, maybe after V?

LOGICWINS1933d ago

I think Sony's banking on Gaikai to sell the Vita. It could effectively be a mini PS3 if what Sony says about being able to play PS3 games via Wi-fi is true.

cpayne931932d ago

Regarding the deadzone, i think that might be a problem exclusive to that game, not the vita itself. I just tested it on unit 13, and both the aiming and movement quickly responded to the lightest touch on the analog sticks.

Salooh1932d ago

Imagine Ps4 with only 2 exclusives per year with no multiplatforms and all it release are mobile and indies. That's how i see the vita right now.

TwilightSparkle1932d ago

Thats exactly how I see the vita you can tell by the lack of news these past few weeks, everytime I look at the vita blog its indies.

badz1491932d ago

let me just reply you on your issues down there here:

1. limitation. isn't that exactly the sane with EVERY other devices out there? you learn something new with every new device you buy and I'm pretty sure there are more hidden features/functions/gestures in Galaxy S4 than the Vita as a whole!

2. 1 account thing is kinda annoying, I know but what other handheld allow more than 1 account? far as I know. so...singling out the Vita on this is kinda unfair, no? at least the PS4 will still be multi-account.

3. can't say much about your language as mine is not supported either but you seem fluent enough in English, are you not?

4. Browsers and such are getting updates from time to time just like any other app on iPhones and Androids,'s just natural.

5. Remote Play (RP) works just fine! as long as your PS3's main account is the same as your Vita's, you can access your PS3 from anywhere with wifi and RP. Sure, not all games are supported but some games do work via RP and Sony promised that ALL PS4 games will work through RP which is something MANY are looking forward to!

6. you want the Vita be like Android or iPhone? what other console does THAT? to make it open for just ANYONE to program on it will make the ecosystem as a whole, vulnerable to attack and you don't want your gaming experience compromised, do you?

7. CoD Declassified is the WORST example you can bring up if you wanna talk value. you can pick up any other bad games on any platform and say they are not worth their price, right? how many games are there on PS3 and 360 that are way too short and bad but still cost $60? A LOT! why not look at Uncharted GA or Gravity Rush or those games available via Cross-buy like PSABR, Sly4, Motorstorm RC and R&C QF? 2 games for the price of 1, still not worth it?

8. can't comment for R3/L3

9. Online Passes are only for online games. you can still get trophies using used games just fine! the 1st time you insert the card, the Vita will install the game but it will tell you you can't earn trophies, right? take out the game card, and uninstall the game and then install it again and now you can earn trophies like how it should. try it if you haven't.

there. oh...and the software sucks? that's not fact, it's called opinion! I myself can't get enough of Uncharted, Gravity Rush, LBP and yet to get Soul Sacrifice, AC Liberation etc. see? that's MY OPINION!

abc12331932d ago

What? Uncharted Golden Abyss, Gravity Rush, Persona 4 Golden and AC:Liberation are all awesome games and reason enough to get the system on their own. Then you've got the games that Sony has given away on PS+ and the upcoming Tearaway, Killzone, plus whatever games Sony is planning to announce at Gamescon. I'm already amassing a backlog on the system.

I find most of the reasons in the article pretty stupid. Who cares about the camera? I'm not buying a handheld console to take photos, I'm buying it to play console quality games on the move. Screen brightness hasn't been much of an issue for me and the reason about being unable to change folder backgrounds is laughable. Fair enough with the data management point but I haven't had much trouble with that since I have PS+ which is something that most Vita/PS3 owners should have anyway. The other points aren't really core problems with the Vita but they're more to do with extra features that could be improved.

Salooh1932d ago

I can mention at least 5 negatives to you but it will waste time , you already know them if you have the vita..

abc12331932d ago (Edited 1932d ago )

Well then go right ahead, the ones I can think of are more nuisances rather than core problems with the exception of memory card prices which was a downright stupid decision by Sony (though even that is partly made up for by PS+ savings)

Salooh1932d ago (Edited 1932d ago )

¬ Limitations give new users a headache , You have to understand how the vita works , what's ok and what's not.

¬ You only can use one account which is annoying as hell because most of us have more then account for different stores which waste time to format and reorganised your stuff . Plus, if someone else want to play he can't play in his account. What's worst is when your main account don't have a store which makes the vita literally useless T_T

¬ No support for my language which makes most of the programs useless such as twitter / Netflix / facebook and sometimes even youtube..

¬ There were many problems with the programs such as the Browser but at least they fixed most of them..

¬ Remote play was locked which was advertised like hell but we still can't use it. At least we will get it on the ps4 ..

¬ Limited number of programs which is not suited for the vita. It should be more like the iphone to make it useful .

¬ Games are too expensive for their level and developers are not serious about it , for example cod declassified . Same with the memories and there is nothing to encourage me to buy one..

¬ Really few exclusives. No support from multiplatforms.

¬ Thumb sticks should have L3/R3 buttons because it feels weird and unpractical for some type of games like shooters..

¬ Online passes lower the cost of selling and no trophies to the one who buy it from me which makes us unhappy .

I bet i forgot some. I don't hate the vita , i love the hardware but software sucks and it's a fact. All i'm asking for is to make the serious games the main focus. I can wait for the other stuff that if they are planning to fix them. Looks at this more of a feedback nothing more , because i really see potential in vita but we don't get it..

rpd1231932d ago

Yeah they are great games. But most of them offer no replay value. Uncharted and AC don't have proper multiplayer and I feel no reason to play Gravity Rush again other than it's free and I sold my copy a few months ago. Once you're done, you're done.

I do agree most of the reasons in the article seem like minor or pretty subjective issues. I don't have a problem with the brightness or dead zone. I don't use my camera for anything and rarely take screen shots. The game support is the only gripe I have with the Vita. It's a fantastic system, but it needs more support if it's going to survive.

abc12331932d ago (Edited 1932d ago )

Persona 4 Golden offers plenty of replay value. UC and AC have plenty of collectibles you can occupy yourself with post-game and harder difficulty settings. At E3 there were around 30 games to play on the show floor. Obviously more AAA support would be appreciated but the system isn't going through this massive games drought like some people are making out.

@14Feb-R: As I said, most of those reasons are just nuisances. Sure, it would be great if I could use my other PSN accounts, but I'm not particularly fussed if I just have to use my main one. Again, I didn't buy the Vita to go on Facebook or Twitter or browse the internet or download other apps, I have my phone and laptop for that which perform those functions better than any handheld console ever will, I bought it to play console quality games and that is what the focus should be on.

Why are the games too expensive? They're priced lower than console games when they offer near enough the same quality generally. Obviously you'll get games which developers haven't put much effort into being sold at the same price as quality games but that's the case with any system.

L3/R3 would have been nice but it's hardly unpractical for shooters, if you want to run use the back touchpad and I'm sure melee can have a similar work around. Don't really understand the whole online pass argument, surely that applies to all systems?

cpayne931932d ago

Last year saw plenty of big releases for vita, but this year the only real big releases are soul sacrifice, killzone, and tearaway. Just three big games, this isn't a great year for support, last year was much better.

bothebo1932d ago

I agree with you about the article. However, your standpoint on software is completely off. When did those games you mentioned come out? Over 6 months ago....... That is more than enough time to beat every AAA game in the Vita's catalog. I own around 10 vita games and more if you count indies, but the fact of the matter is, most of those games came out last year: LAST YEAR. There has only been two compelling pieces of software this year, Sly 4 and Soul Sacrifice. That is it. For the remainder of this year, we only have three really compelling pieces of software: Tearaway, Killzone Mercenary, and FFX/2 remake which will hopefully be better than the piece of crap Jak and Daxter remake which I regret buying.

Don't even try to lecture me on Vita games.

abc12331932d ago

@bothebo: The point was about Vita not having games in general, so the time of release was irrelevant. But if we're talking about games coming out this year then it seems you do need a lecture. 30 games playable at E3. 85 new Vita games by the end of 2013 and that's not taking into account possible reveals at Gamescon/TGS. If you've only got 10 vita games then I'd question whether you have played all of the compelling games on the system.

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BuffMordecai1932d ago

The only problem is that since third party support is so weak, if there weren't any indies there would be next to nothing to tide someone over until the bigger releases.

bothebo1932d ago

Lol that still doesn't justify a lack of AAA games, indies need to make way for AAA games.

Xof1932d ago

The "indie crap" shouldn't go away, it's a very good thing the for the system.

But it DOES need more retail software.

And, see, this is why it's so difficult to have a rational, mature discussion about the state of the Vita: the few times you see someone make a legitimate criticism, they follow it up with something bat**** retarded, making that one legitimate criticism all the easier for fanboys to dismiss.


bothebo1932d ago

How are indie games good for the system? All it does is boost software sales for the system and promote a "dev" friendly environment, which is ironic given that little to no developers are making games for it.

The gist is that it needs more AAA games PERIOD.

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PopRocks3591932d ago

While the author does cite some interesting issues he/she had with it, I personally don't have a lot to complain about as far as Vita hardware goes. I took a look at my friends' Vita and it was a lot better than I initially expected it to be, both feel and OS-wise. For what it does as a stand alone platform, it does them well.

Right now the only thing holding back the Vita is its library. It needs more exclusive games more than ever. More amazing and unique games like Tearaway. Hit that nail in the coffin and it can become a much stronger competitor for the 3DS.

Cam9771932d ago

Indeed. The Vita's biggest problem is the poor data management and even that isn't too big of an issue.

hkgamer1932d ago

Library is definitely lacking. It does have great indie support that s amazing to play but it still needs great gaems like the 3DS does.

The author mentioned alot of issues he has with the vita and if you don't really own a vita then you wouldn't notice alot of the things he has mentioned. If the vita had a better library then most people wont even bother complaining about these issues.

rpd1231932d ago

Honestly if there were just some exclusive spin offs of all the PS3's popular franchises, they'd have some great games on there that people would want to buy because they know the franchise. inFAMOUS, God of War, Last of Us (especially this one with all the hype and praise it's getting), Ratchet and Clank, Jak and Daxter, etc. They already have LBP, Uncharted, and Resistance (that didn't go as they'd hoped). They'd have to be made well though to avoid Resistance type shenanigans. But all of those games would sell systems. People are comfortable with those franchises and they know the game will most likely be good.

chestnut11221932d ago

Just Need to be patient and We talk all about these after 5 years. PSP and PS3 suffered lack of games during it's 1st year. Gamescon and TGS is coming.

hkgamer1932d ago

PSP had decent games in the first year, but it still had momentum, so did the PS3.

Vita is lacking any momentum and e3 barely showed the vita at all. Also Vita is in its 2nd year, approaching its 3rd year very soon.

matgrowcott1932d ago (Edited 1932d ago )

There were a stupid amount of Vita games at E3. I want to say 50+.

And the Vita came out November 2011(?) in Japan. February/March 2012 in EU.

EDIT: 37.

hkgamer1932d ago


well as i said, its more than half way through its second year so its been a while since the vita has been released.

However, i didn't notice any vita games announced at E3, but I guess they just showed those games on the showfloor. indie games are cool, but Vita will need bigger retail games to attract vita buyers. Need games like Mario Land 3D or Luigi's mansion.

sherimae24131932d ago (Edited 1932d ago )

the vita is only 1 year and half it came out only last year february 2012 so in next year it will be only to years, get your facts straight ok

so that 3 yrs you are saying would be february 2015

hkgamer1931d ago


it came out december 2011.

so lets count. 5 more months to december 2013 from now, which means it is on its 2nd year, approaching the 3rd year.

get your facts straight ok.

now lets give you a maths lesson. if you counting vita release date as feb 2012 then feb 2015 would be vitas 4th year.
2012 -> year 1
2013 -> year 2
2014 -> year 3
2015 -> year 4

sherimae24131931d ago (Edited 1931d ago )

you dont know how to count do you?

how can you say 2012 its release is also one year of vita's lifespan lol
a year must have past before you count it as first year not its first release on market lol

its like this feb 2012 - feb 2013 is 1 year
feb 2013 - feb 2014 is vita's 2nd year of its lifespan do you get even sony give a 1st year birthday sale for vita this february

sheeesh its just simple math

dont tell me if 1:00 - 2:00 is already 2hr passed lol

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Salooh1932d ago

Actually you are wrong , Ps3 had great exclusives in the first 2 years , plus multiplatforms plus indies . Vita focus on indies/psp/ps1 and only have few exclusives.

chestnut11221932d ago (Edited 1932d ago )

That's why We should wait and talk about these after a few years.And No, There is a lot of Wonderful Vita Games Out there. And There is a Lot of Games Announced for it. Just Wait and See ;)

TongkatAli1932d ago

Dude, you're a hater. The software is amazing for a 2 year old system. I'm at work now someone post all the Vita titles you can buy and let's see him spin spin like a laundry machine.

demonsoul1932d ago (Edited 1932d ago )

@TongkatAli Let us give them the taste of Vita's Amazing Library.

"Current" (These Games I mentioned Were all Decent games, All are pretty much Great games). If You Don't Agree, I Don't Care.

Persona 4: Golden

Gravity Rush

Assassins Creed 3 : Liberation

Uncharted : Golden Abyss

Zero Escape : Virtues Last Reward

Mortal Kombat

Soul Sacrifice

Disgaea 3

Ninja Gaiden Sigma Plus

Ultimate Marvel Vs Capcom 3

Street Fighter X Tekken

Little Big Planet

Dead Or Alive 5 +

Oboro Muramasa

Unit 13

Need For Speed

Metal Gear Solid Hd Collection

Ragnarok Odyssey

And So on etc.
If You would sum up all the games of Vita, There is an average of 2 to 3 games per month for its Library which is not bad as people would want it to be. Developing Games for Vita is Much harder and longer than the 3ds.

"Upcoming Confirmed"

Killzone: Mercenary - September 9 2013/West

Tear Away - October 22,2013/West

Final Fantasy 10/10-2 HD - 4th Quarter/West

Dragons Crown - August 6, 2013/ West

Toukiden - 4th quarter 2013/ West

God Eater 2

The Walking Dead Season 1 and 2/400 days

YS: Memories of Celceta

Atelier Meruru Plus: The Apprentice of Arland

Valhalla Knights 3

And So on etc.

+ Indies, PS1, PSP Library of Games.
+ Not Yet Localized Games from Japan.

WTF! These People are talking about that Vita Has no games? LOL! No game Your Asses. You just need to Work to earn Money for you to purchase these games.

As What Sony Have said,
"We will talk about Vita later these Year"

"Gamescon is all about Vita"

Satisfied Haters and Trolls?? if Not,. Just LOL!

tubers1932d ago (Edited 1932d ago )

That's what I heard pre-E3: "Wait for E3.."

Well, it's not like people have much choices.

The PSP was released at Dec 2004. FF:CC was announced at May 2005. The VITA has no such *equivalent of a game in that calibre even after 18+ months since release.

*big budget, exclusive, core, SE title that topped charts for several months.

I hope they announce something truly huge at Gamescom even if it's already a much slower system than the PSP.

sherimae24131932d ago

and crisis core came out in 2008
and kh bbs came out in 2011
and 3rd birthday came out in 2011
gow chain of olympus in 2008
god eater in 2010

see the the pattern there all the good games of psp came out nearly at its end of its lifespan

strigoi8141932d ago (Edited 1932d ago )

The problem with vita: people who dont own it complains too much, but the people who has one is just chilling out and enjoying what the hardware has to offer..

Seriously i think 5 out of 10 people are just waiting for price drop not actually games...and some are just fanboys who hates anything with sony brand on it

jensen861932d ago

iv got love for my vita n there is a lot of potential there but as a day one buyer i did feel a little screwed over but im glad i bought it cos it looks like fings are just starting to warm up with a very bright future ahead n thats y i always buy sony products day 1

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