T3 Exclusive PS4 Hands On First Look

T3 Magazine get a very first hands on with the PS4. Going in depth with it's new features and even comparing its size with that of the first gen ps3 slim. The results will shock even the most die hard xbox fans.

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LackTrue4K1984d ago (Edited 1984d ago )

Looks sexy!!! I don't see where u insert the disk tho....

Ps: can't wait to get my and customize the spot where it's got a glossy finish
I would like a camo look with its black!!

TIER1xWOLFPACKx1984d ago (Edited 1984d ago )

It says in the video were it is, right next to the usb ports

Edit: I get a disagree for saying were the disks go

wishingW3L1984d ago (Edited 1984d ago )

N4G is like Youtube, there is no video or comment that doesn't get a disagree or a dislike. It does not matter but it sure is annoying. XD

monkey6021984d ago

It's hard to see the slot but I remember an image floating around that was brightened up a lot and it was really obvious.

buddymagoo1984d ago

Aux port??? Hmmm.... I assume this could be used as a TV in with an adapter??

I wonder what else it could be used for???

SniperControl1984d ago

There are some really petty fanboys on here, just cant help themselves.

SniperControl1984d ago

Aux is for the PS Eye.

Septic1984d ago

How is the thing so slim??! It doesn't make any sense!

I take it back....the PS4 is slick. I just hope they release a white one with the black accents like the mock up ones shown off a few weeks ago.

gaffyh1984d ago

The controller actually has some texture on the back, I've not noticed that in an image or video before. Also, nice to see that the size is so much smaller, I can't quite believe how much better it looks compared to the Xbox One, and there are only a few simple tweaks.

brandonb211984d ago

@onyoursistersback here you go here is a picture that shows where the disk go

LackTrue4K1984d ago

The video pointed it out, but I just could no see that image it was clearer

Narutone661984d ago

No power brick just like the PS3. Nice!

YungDragon1984d ago

@buddymagoo I think the Aux port is the dedicated port for the PS4 Eye. I remember them saying it won't take up a USB slot, so that might be it.

DragonKnight1984d ago

@GribbleGrunger: Who wouldn't love it? I hope they take it apart and go over the parts so that people can stop saying the tech still needs to be clarified.

MikeMyers in 3...2..

hadouken0071984d ago

The ps4 slot is on the left of the console when facing u , in the middle .

Ezz20131984d ago

that lucky bastard from T3 got to touch that console while i only get to watch it

life really unfair

BallsEye1984d ago (Edited 1984d ago )


Hey sniper spreading false info. A link for you. Read up, if you can...

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WeedyOne1984d ago


The AUX port is for the PS Eye camera. Sony has already stated that the camera does not use one of the 2 USB ports.

mark134uk1983d ago

with all this hype im looking forward to the controller more than the console :)

MWong1984d ago

Wow so many disagrees for saying you like something. I still can't believe the console is so small. Maybe their new plan is to release the slim version upfront.

joeorc1984d ago (Edited 1984d ago )

"How is the thing so slim??! It doesn't make any sense! "

its very simple really

sony used 3D stacked TSV silicon

check out page 10

also this link also confirms it:

I talked about this very subject back in jan 3rd 2013. before the reveal of the info on the feb 28th and low and behold look at the size. many do not know that sony is one of the small number of companies investing heavy into 3D Stacked TSV, hell the PS3 and the PSVita all use this investment.

ssj271984d ago (Edited 1984d ago )

In the mean while everyone can have a exclusive look the the "one"
just search for your old vhs player

saint_seya1984d ago

No need for that.. Noone was trolling here, why u had to?

ssj271984d ago (Edited 1984d ago )

you are trolling my comment mister "I'm been paid by m$."
I'm just been funny! a joke.
I never mention anything or insult anyone, I did not made those pictures, I just put in google vhs and that what I got lol, it's funny.
have a lil sense of humor. life is beautiful and it's better when we smile so smile! :)

hellvaguy1984d ago

Hypocritical sense of humor. Not umcommon here.

Syntax-Error1983d ago

The guy in the video said it just like everyone who has actually seen it has said "LOOKS LIKE THE XBOX ONE IN A WIND TUNNEL."

Sony copied again just like they did with the six axxis controller(motion like Wii) and now with the PS4 controller(headphone jack on bottom for wired headset)

Can these people actually think up something for themselves without just putting raw power in something and calling it innovation. Innovation is not increasing your specs, it's about improving old ideas. They seem to add what the other guy has done to their brand and call it innovation. What can the PS4 do that the PS3 can't besides give better graphics? Not trolling, just asking a REAL question

vigilante_man1983d ago

I think it's called a joke!!!

Lighten up people.

Syntax-Error1983d ago

Many people including other magazines have said it looks like a slanted Xbox One, so I don't get the whole VCR joke unless you're referring to PS4 as well. Then again, this is N4G(gaming website for Sony followers)so I am sure that Sony can do no wrong

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lilbrat231984d ago (Edited 1984d ago )

I have said it is the PS2 and the PS3 combined. They figured bring the old with the new and WHAM you got a ps4. :-D

hellvaguy1984d ago

Huh? I dont see anything at all to this comparsion. How is the ps2 like anything in the ps4?

Hicken1984d ago (Edited 1984d ago )

You can't see the similarities?


Edit: Also, it is gorgeous.

lilbrat231981d ago

If you look at the PS4 half of it looks like the PS2 the other half like the PS3. Sheesh

SDS Gamerfiend1984d ago

Man it's just so damn sexy! Can't wait for launch pre-ordered day 1!

rainslacker1984d ago

It's a lot smaller than I first thought. Other comparisons put it against the X1 which gave no frame of reference.

I'm still on the phat PS3, so this is significantly smaller.:)

showtimefolks1984d ago

will look good under my sony TV and my ps3 will move a shelf down

1984d ago
Fil1011984d ago

I love it too the only thing i'm not diggn is the location of the usb ports, I wish they had put them on the side like the ps3 as I like to leave my usb cables in running down the side of my ps3 and would have liked to do the same with ps4.

wastedcells1983d ago (Edited 1983d ago )

Starting to think PS4 might be something truly special. Perfect time, tech and lessons learned from the past. We might have history in the making here. Only games will tell.

Jessika_S1983d ago

I love the New Rumble features....

lizamary1983d ago

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1983d ago
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Darth Gamer1984d ago

Looking great. Can't wait to add one to my shelf. Funny that it will be sitting next to my original PS3 fat and my PS3 Slim and be the smallest outta the bunch. The only one smaller up there will be the kids WiiU. I think that it is also smaller than my Xbox360 too.

cell9891984d ago

man this shows that Sony is right on schedule, theyve already sent out a couple consoles to journalists for review, they were prepared for this generation.

nirwanda1983d ago

It may have just been the shell.

wastedcells1983d ago

Ya IGN had one that was just a shell running on batteries for the light bar. Just gives them something to hold and show to fans. Very cool of Sony to do that. We now know exactly what were getting as far as size and ports.

PSjesus1984d ago

Watching this make me happy,never been excited this much about new console since ps2