NCAA Football 09 features

EA Sports has released a list of features for the upcoming NCAA Football 09. Some of the highlights include online dynasties, roster sharing, home field advantage, wide open gameplay, and 60fps on the PS3.

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Breakfast4485d ago

It features the same crap as last year, and the year before that...and dare i say...the year before that one too.

TheHater4485d ago

That is so f**king true. except the 60FPS on the PS3 version.

kevoncox4485d ago

I think you are wrong. This actually looks to be a upgrade.
You can't really expect a brand new game every year can you?

Think how long it takes to rate players, research whose on the field. Stadiums, Crowd music. Uniforms for 117 teams while still trying to upgrade the graphics and controls and adding features to make the game feel new....

Funny it's been 2 years and sony can't add in game messaging but you guys bash EA for working so hard to fix and improve their game each year.

BSigel814485d ago (Edited 4485d ago )

change their slogan from The #1 Collegiate Football Franchise, into The #2 Ripoff Football Franchise, right behind Madden of course. I agree with you Breakfast that is the same list from many years ago lol.

The GOAT4485d ago

Yet, I still can't help myself I'm still going to buy this game in July. I just get too excited for the upcoming season to resist the game.

dmeador4485d ago

Yay! They finally are putting all the crap back in was in the last generation of NCAA: coop, sidelines, home field advantage .... Can't wait till next gen when they come out with a completely stripped version of it that has more realistic looking helmets. ( But now I can buy it bc they put coop back in and have my boy D-dawg on the cover)

Merritt4485d ago

I think I may pass, I've bought every year for as long as I can imagine. I'm personally sick and tired of the BS, these features should have been in since day one. It's what the third version of this gen, and it's just now getting them? Bleh. I'll wait for reviews.

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