The Last of Us Review - One of the best post apocalyptic stories ever told on the PS3

Watch as the relationship between Joel and Ellie develops in a world where every moment is a struggle for survival.

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NewMonday1932d ago

just finished it

best blending of story and gameplay yet.

and it gives a lesson for other developers, it's not enough just to have a story, the script, characters and mo-cap must also be great.

1931d ago
xReDeMpTiOnx1931d ago

Best game I've ever played and I have been gaming since NES


I haven't had the chance to finish it but I agree....probably the best game I've ever played.

bangoskank1931d ago

THE best post-apocalyptic game one any console. The best post apocalyptic story on any medium in quite some time. I'm currently sharing this game with friends and can't wait until they finish so I can play through it again. A true masterpiece. Much praise to Naughty Dog, Troy Baker, and everyone else involved for crafting a bleak and beautiful tale.