Editorial: Zelda on the Big Screen

You've seen the "what if?" trailer. But really, what if? IGN explore the possibility:

"Okay, so the jig is up: Our Legend of Zelda movie trailer was an elaborate April Fool's joke. Did we get you? Judging by some of the thousands of responses in the comments field of the article and across a wide assortment of message boards, at least a few of you out there fell for it. And we can't really blame you, either – the team at Rainfall Films put together a pretty convincing spot. Hey – bare minimum, it beats the pants off anything Uwe Boll has ever attached his name to (and we apologize to Rainfall for that unnecessary comparison.)

Even if the trailer was a prank, however, it begs the question: would a real Legend of Zelda movie work on the big screen?"

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rCrysis4481d ago

Either way, it would be awesome to see a Zelda movie.