IGN's Mr. Driller Online Review

There are so many good XBLA puzzle games with functional online components that it's impossible for IGN to recommend downloading Mr. Driller Online at this point. Mr. Driller Online was billed as an online multiplayer version of an oldie but goodie. It doesn't fit that description, and IGN rated it accordingly. If an eventual patch fixes the multiplayer, then we could have a solid all-around experience on our hands. Until then, only spend your points if you're an eccentric Dig Dug collector who doesn't mind lazy presentation.

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wageslave4483d ago

Eurogamer gave it 8/10, they didnt have any of the "problems" IGN mentions.

What is the malfunction @ IGN?

GunShotEddy4477d ago

It's pretty evident that some sites didn't really review this game. Anyone who gives a broken game over a 5 is fake. I can't believe I actually agree with ign.

Rick Astley4483d ago


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