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GIZORAMA - Relic Entertainment bring back their famed Company of Heroes game with a sequel revolving around the Russians and Red Army. Though I never really played the original, Company of Heroes 2 presents an interesting campaign and game design choices in the RTS genre, that make the whole experience somewhat different.

As with most modern games now, a story has been interlaced with the missions and tasks you’ll undertake within the game, but the melodramatic story of a locked up member of the Russian army recounting his time in the war, just doesn’t work all that well. While it does a fantastic job at giving us a history lesson of how the Russians would destroy their foes through suicidal plans and en mass platoons of untrained soldiers (there’s a great moment in one of the introduction cutscenes where a soldier cries out to his general about having no weapon, only to be told go find one on the battlefield), but everything else? No good. Hammy voice acting and ridiculous Russian accents are sprinkled throughout the voice overs, making me wish there was some option to have straight up Russian being barked at me, rather than what was given.

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